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History of American Leak Detection

Dick Rennick - Founder

We created the industry

Company Founder Richard B. Rennick grew up working in his father's plumbing business. He helped locate water leaks in pipes buried under concrete slabs using a 6-pound maul and chisel. It was a tedious job and left a mess for the homeowner. He knew there had to be a better way.

As an adult, Rennick became a police officer and supplemented his income with plumbing jobs on the side. While working in the plumbing industry, he grew even more convinced of the need for a less invasive procedure to locate leaks. Rennick decided to team up with an expert to develop equipment which could locate concealed leaks. After much trial and error, they were able to develop extremely sensitive electronic tools equipped with minute microprocessors. From these humble beginnings, the electronic leak detection industry was born in 1974 and the devices Rennick created are still in use today.

Proprietary methods and state of the art technology have revolutionized the exploration and discovery of leaks. With advanced methodologies and equipment, technicians are capable of determining the location of hidden leaks. From radiant heating and swimming pool cracks to underground plumbing systems and sewer lines, our sensitive electronic tools can identify the trouble spot.