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Kuziwa Chanaiwa

Owner / Operator
Joined ALD in 1998

I am Kuziwa Chanaiwa, aka, KC (my initials) and together with my wife Sally, we own and operate the American Leak Detection franchise in San Luis Obispo (SLO), Kern, Inyo and Mono Counties. We have been at this since 1998 when we both left our good paying jobs in the health insurance industry, purchased the SLO county territory, and moved our family. We have not looked back. I primarily cover SLO county. However, often I assist our employee, Michael Cruz who covers Kern, Inyo and Mono counties. Leak detection, be it under slabs, decks, soil or in the wall, is challenging investigative work. It demands logic, systemization, patience, perseverance and innovation. No two jobs are ever alike and it's never boring. With the corporate system behind us as well as our fellow franchisees, we have a vast network of consultants, teachers/trainers and advisers on hand 24/7. This is invaluable support which most other service providers do not have available to them. Our technology is superior and believe me I have seen what the others have in their tool boxes. I came here from Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia and went to school at California Lutheran College and UCLA. After graduate school I decided I loved it here. I have seen most corners and nooks in CA and I can tell you SLO county is among the best. I love the beach, I hike, I golf and I enjoy long car rides on windy roads. I play and coach soccer. My wife and I look forward to serving you and will always strive to provide you with our very best service. Please call or email us and don't forget to always fill out and send in those satisfaction surveys we give you. You can also complete your survey online. Thank you for your patronage.

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  • American Leak Detection

    "They came in, investigated with smoke, and fixed the problem. For the first time in two months, my house doesn't smell like a restaurant toilet."

  • American Leak Detection

    "I appreciated their technical ability, state of the art equipment, and the fact that they took the time to keep me informed along the way and explain to me what was happening and why."

  • American Leak Detection

    "After 30 years in this house, we have had many service people come to do work. No one has ever delivered better than Daniel."

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