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Leak Detection Service

It takes a blending of expert specialists and quality equipment to detect hidden leaks. With our extensive training programs and state-of-the-art equipment we have saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. By utilizing our methods, not only are we saving water, but saving homeowners millions of dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well.

While it is true that leaks are more common in older properties, newer properties can have problems too. Poor construction and corrosion and in many cases, ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If undetected, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.

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American Leak Detection of North Central Los Angeles offers service in the following locations and their surrounding areas:

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Customer Testimonials

Before the moment passes, I wanted to write in praise of Daniel Hart, who has spent much of the day at my home, repairing a leak which has posed more of a challenge that I or he anticipated.

From the time of his arrival this morning, it was clear that Daniel was going to be proactive in solving our problem. We briefed him about what we knew and he was off. Once he had defined what needed to be done, he described to me in comprehensive and comprehensible detail the work he would undertake to locate the leak, obtained my authorization for repair, and went to work immediately. Several times during the day he came up to my house to describe to me what he was finding and what he planned to do to work around problems that had appeared while he was working. On each occasion he was articulate, extraordinarily polite, and gave me a strong sense that we were in good hands.

As I suspect you know, in a business dependent upon employee interfaces to the public, the best are multidimensional. Not only can they do the work that must be done, they can speak easily and effectively to customers. My experience with Daniel tells me that he is such an employee. You are lucky to have him.

M. Steinberg -

I want to thank you for the inspection of our pool problem today.
You were most knowledgable, professional, and took the time to answer all my questions and to make sure I understood the issues,
for all this I say Thank You and I greatly appreciate.
Therefore, I want to request, you be the person to perform the repairs to my pool.

H. Churchwell -

I appreciated your efforts and the professionalism that you displayed over the weekend at my center. You went over and above the call of duty on a holiday weekend. The dentist was totally up and running this morning with little sign that anything happened. thank you again.

Ron Bloomfield -

Hello, I'm writing today to express my appreciation for the excellent service received from your technician Daniel Hart. His expert training and refined skills turned a challenging situation into a pleasant experience that brought peace of mind.

Daniel's abilities are clearly advanced, and his sophisticated knowledge avoided a more invasive repair that would have required dismantling the concrete foundation of the ground floor. It was a tremendous relief that by using his ingenuity, Daniel was able to craft a new and creative configuration of the pipe by carefully reconstructing it with great attention to detail.

In addition to his technical proficiency, Daniel is a considerate, courteous, friendly and respectful person who takes sincere pride in his work. Amid the obvious stress of a flooded room and all of the damage and disruption it caused, Daniel brought an atmosphere of calm and competency. It was obvious the situation was in good hands from the moment he arrived.

Please add this note to Daniel's personnel file, and if there's a way to give him a special commendation from your company, I'd appreciate Daniel receiving the acknowledgment he well deserves.

Thank you,
L. Fishman

L. Fishman -

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