Underwater sewage pipe in Oregon leaks into river

A log rammed into a sewage pipe causing a massive sewage leak in the Umpqua River near Gardiner, Oregon, the Umpqua Post reports.

Gardiner Sanitary District secretary Shelley Cox told the paper the water leak from the ruptured pipe occurred between the Gardiner and Reedsport wastewater treatment plant.

The Post said Cox told the Gardiner Sanitary District board there was a log jammed under the pipe and immediately knew there was a problem.

The money used to fix the leak reportedly cost the district $10,000, $7,000 of which was used to rent a truck to carry wastewater from Gardiner into the Reedsport treatment facility.

"It cost us $10,000 for this 'little break,'" Jackie Degman, chairman of the sanitary district board, told the paper, adding "next time, we might not have the money to pay" for leak repair.

According to American Rivers, an organization which promotes keeping national rivers clean, states more than 200 million people have water provided by water treatment plants which provide secondary or more advanced treatment, up from 140 million served by wastewater treatment in the late 1960s.

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