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Andy HernandezAndy Hernandez

Field Supervisor
Joined ALD in 2001

Dan DreiskeDan Dreiske

Leak Specialist
Joined ALD in 2005

Hiro OmoteHiro Omote

Leak Specialist Assistant
Joined ALD in 2000

Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter

Senior Director of Corporate Field Operations
Joined ALD in 1991

Sarah RenfroeSarah Renfroe

Customer Service Representative
Joined ALD in 2007

Wendy Thiesen

Wendy Thiesen

Customer Service Representative
Joined ALD in 2004

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  • American Leak Detection

    "Came to our assistance immediately and solved the problems in a timely and competent manner!"

  • American Leak Detection

    "Their timely service, quality of work, and reliability have exceeded our previous experiences with other contractors in this type of industry."

  • American Leak Detection

    "Professional, highly competent- creative problem-solvers who exude a sense of contagious confidence!"

  • American Leak Detection


  • American Leak Detection

    "Many thanks for your work!"

  • American Leak Detection

    "I was struck by your team's "advisory, consultative" approach rather than what is more typical "sales" approach."

  • American Leak Detection

    "They make every efforts to meet these requirements in a most timely manner with very professional reports!"

  • American Leak Detection

    "I feel like Andy is my own personal plumber!"

  • American Leak Detection


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