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Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

"The recreation center's pool had been leaking for over 10 years. After several failed attempts in the past by other companies, American Leak Detection came to the site, developed and executed a plan, and repaired the leak. You have made a lot of people very happy. Your staff was professional, courteous and on schedule. You were always willing to accommodate changes that came up and discuss alternate solutions in order to provide the best possible outcome.

One comment I cannot stress enough is that I never had to ask you to come back to correct your work. That is rare these days and made my life much easier. Also worthy of note is the condition in which you left the facility, especially considering the amount of excavation necessary and the fact that the building was occupied part of the time."

-Brett Pulliam
Construction Project Manager
City of Durham, NC

"I've worked with American Leak Detection for 10 years. They provide good service and I trust them over regular, expensive plumbers! American Leak Detection is consistent and reliable. I work lots of territories and counties, and I know with ALD, I'll get a good product."

-Jim Kilmartin, Prudential Claims Adjuster

"American Leak Detection was superb, excellent and handled everything in a most efficient manner."

-Lynne Stuart, Homeowner

"We don't find leaks, American Leak Detection does. There's an enormous amount of phone calls about leaks and we're not the experts. We've always been successful with ALD because they find the leak! They're pleasant and their charges are fair. We've used them for so long, we go way back to when there was only one technician!"

-Dick Leimkuhler, Pool Builder, Mirage Water Features

"This was the best customer service I've ever had. The American Leak Detection specialist was concerned about MY safety! I would recommend them to anyone who has a water problem in the household. The quality of their work was unsurpassed!"

-Brenda Tucker, Homeowner

"My leak specialist was professional, efficient, honest, trustworthy... an asset to the company [American Leak Detection] and I was happy we didn't have to tear out the wall and the floor just to find the leak."

-Paul Adair, Homeowner