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It takes a blending of expert specialists and quality equipment to detect hidden leaks. With our extensive training programs and state-of-the-art equipment we have saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. By utilizing our methods, not only are we saving water, but saving homeowners millions of dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well.

While it is true that leaks are more common in older properties, newer properties can have problems too. Poor construction and corrosion and in many cases, ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If undetected, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.

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American Leak Detection of Fort Worth offers service in the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Fort Worth • Arlington • Keller • Southlake • Grapevine • Mansfield • Bedford • Euless • Hurst • North Richland Hills

Customer Testimonials

Dear Fred Thompson, Kyle Carter is a wonderful representative of your company. Everyone is always so quick to point out the bad, but I want to point out the good ! I finally have a little hope that my pool is salvageable. He has applaudable work ethics and tries his best to do a job worthwhile and complete. He has such a positive attitude and goes above and beyond. I wanted you to know what a wonderful employee he is and I thank you and I thank him!

F. West -

I’ve been working with Henry since early December when I called ALD out to find a leak in my pier and beam house. Henry was able to find the leak and offer multiple options for repair after doing so. Shortly after his initial visit he was able to repair the leak and get me up and running through the holidays. Unfortunately due to the condition of my plumbing there was no guarantee another leak wouldn’t occur in the near future. My house is 90 years old and all of the cold water plumbing was original galvanized pipe from the 20’s. We decided to come back at a later date and replace the cold side from the service line to each of the fixtures. Below you will find examples of how Henry performed during the job.

Quality of Work:
Henry performed outstanding work which passed visual and hydrostatic testing with the city

Self Motivation:
Each day Henry and I discussed the scope of his project and laid out plans for what was to be done. I left him alone unsupervised throughout the job and there was never an issue with him dragging his feet or underperforming the daily tasks.

Henry was able to create logical solutions to several of the issues in and around re-plumbing my house. I challenged him to create an easier way to control the water from inside and outside of the house, offering several service solutions with minimal flow interruptions. Ultimately, Henry was able to build several utility manifolds allowing for independent operation of rooms and fixtures throughout the house. This solution added value to my property and future proofed several common plumbing issues found in other homes. Henry was able to tie into the original service line, minimizing downtime and allowing the project to come in 40% under budget.

Ability to Work with Others:
Each day Henry showed up with a helper and always go the most out of them while on property. I witnessed him treating each one of them fairly and successfully motivated them to work with him on his tasks.

Henry realizes the importance of forming long term relationships with his customers. He speaks frank about project goals and challenges and communicates the risk of potential solutions clearly. Henry’s ability to gain trust is his strongest quality, I believe ALD will benefit from the many relationships he forms while on the job now and in the future.

I will continue to do business with ALD and I have no problem recommending Henry for future work. Thanks for helping me out.

E. Estes -

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am writing to inform you of the behavior of two of your technicians that come to my home to diagnose a leak. They were both incredibly courteous and professional and took their time to explain what they were doing. I have not had as great an experience with plumbers in the past as I had using the services these two provided. I was very impressed with their depth of knowledge not only with plumbing but also with ants! They found a massive ant colony behind the wall and helped guide us through how we could get rid of them until we could contact a pest service and even helped to clean up some of the mess with us.

The only name I have is Mike Mendoza but he had a colleague with him who deserves the same pat on the back for a job well done. I hope Mike remembers who he rode with that day… would have been 12/20/15 approx.

So often, people just call to complain about things so I felt that service as well rendered as these guys did needed a note to the boss-man. My hope is to have them back for the repair phase should this be approved for payment by American Home Shield. Thank you very much for holding a high standard of customer service that these gentlemen have displayed. I hope that you have a way to commend them for putting a great face to your company. Strong work!!

C. Dunlap -

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to both Mike Mendoza & Doyle. They were both very thorough on the first visit and Mike's second visit today to make the repairs and finish the testing needed.

It's traumatic enough to go through foundation repairs to then be told you have a plumbing leak. I didn't trust the results received from the plumbing company contracted by the foundation repair company. That's why I called ALD.

From the onset I felt comfortable and secure with what Mike was doing. He kept me informed every step during the process and gained my ultimate trust in everything he told me.

He was able to isolate the issue right off the bat, where the other company just said the test failed.

It's employees like Mike, that make me the consumer feel at ease with what needed to be done. Repairs have been completed and I am more than pleased with the final outcome.

Thank you for having such dedicated employees on your staff.

R.McAuley -

Just wanted to pass along how impressed my wife and I were with the professionalism of your employee, Mike Mendoza. He arrived on time and impressively fault isolated our water leak. He walked us through the leak identification theory and how the leak could be repaired. Our leak was a challenging one under the foundation.
The "tunnel crew" were also very professional and neat. They did a great cleanup job...could hardly tell they were here.
We hope we never see y'all
We would recommend ALD.
Good job!

H. Garrett -

The gentleman that came to the house (Kyle)
Was extremely polite,
Truly enjoyed his work,
Explained every step and everything he was doing and what results were after each step .

This young is a true asset from the company.

Myself and Debbie had a great exprience with your company.

We would not hesitate to use again or recommend your company

G. Johnson -

Please tell Mitch Gonzalez that I appreciate his outstanding professional service to his customer.

C.Ha -

Mitch Blackwell did an exemplary job of communicating, diagnosing, explaining the issues, explaining solutions and then repairing our pool. He was everything as promised on your website, on time, professional in every facet of our interaction as well as leaving our property spotless upon completion. All of the team, Kristy, Susan and Fred performed behind the front lines just as well from beginning to end with as promised follow up, timely communication and genuine great attitudes when asked tough questions. Kyle showed up right on the dot for his portion of the project as well. Being the face to face person for your company with my wife and I was Mitch’s unenviable job though, and American Leak Detection could not have a better or more patient representative. It is obvious what a tough job he has to perform yet he was more than willing to answer questions and represent Am Leak in a very positive fashion time after time. Not easy when it is 104 degrees, 90% humidity outside and down inside of a pool with no shade or breeze. It was HOT… I cannot recommend your company strongly enough. Your whole team is exceptional Fred. Thank you so much!!

P.S. I can’t even imagine the cold weather repairs MB performs. Being a scuba diver myself I had to ask. Outstanding guy, but I will BET it is hard to project cheerfulness when you’re freezing your ass of though!!! Ouch…

D.Moore -

Just wanted to let your company know that Michal Sprabary came out to our home today to complete an inspection. Hope this finds its way to his boss because he was so informative and so helpful, so polite and on and on and on – he was on time and as professional as you can be climbing in and out of a pool Good for you for having such a great employee – only suggestions I would have is to provide him with an IPAD to complete the professional process. I work for Williams Trew Real Estate and will send his card to all of our agents and put your company on the Contractor Referral List.

Great job!

J.Price -

My name is Ernest Baylor, a now, permanent customer of American Leak Detection!
I say ‘permanent’ for one reason only- Mitch!
Mitch came to my home today, 9/1 and did a robust pressure test of my pool lines. At each step of the way I was asking him questions. At no time did Mitch seem annoyed or bothering by my ‘hovering’. Instead he welcomed the questions and shared his knowledge and expertise every step of the way. This made me comfortable with him as a vendor and confident in diagnosis of what the problem was. Mitch even suggested I get a second opinion if I needed to. However Mitch had already made such a professional impression on me with his knowledge, expertise and work ethic that I scheduled the needed repair even before I’ve had the opportunity to review his notes.
I’m not sure if all of the agents at American Leak Detection are as professional, intelligent and through as Mitch, but if they are you have a great company that will be around for a long time!
Thanks Mitch for such a great job! And also thank you ALD for having such a great administrative staff. Each time I’ve called I’ve talked to a real person! Suzanne is great! I talked to another young lady on yesterday as well, but I can’t remember her name. She was awesome as well!

E. Baylor -

Good Afternoon—this email is meant for all ownership and management of American Leak Detection-FTW,

My name is William Adams. My wife and I had a leak under our house that required approximately 6-8 trips for American Leak Detection (ALD) to come out to our house.

I want to write to recognize the efforts of some incredible employees you have at American Leak Detection.

I have to start with Mike Mendoza—we had the most interaction with Mike and he was always so nice, polite, and informative. You could tell he was very intelligent about what he was working on, which is often times a big fear of a homeowner when someone is working on your house. But Mike knew his stuff—and communicated it extremely well in terms my wife and I could understand. If he is not viewed as an incredible asset to ALD—he should be.

(also—the helper that came with Mike most days was a great guy too—very nice, polite, and hardworking—but I do not recall his name)

I also want to tell you how great Yadira was. Whenever I called to check status or schedule appointments—Yadira was more than willing to help. I felt like she was going above and beyond just for me—which is a sign of amazing customer service. It got to the point honestly—that when I called, if Yadira was not available or in the office—I would just tell whoever answered, I would try again later because she was so helpful when we talked. She was always very friendly, and just another great employee you have over there.

Lastly—was Paul Sauceda—Paul came out to fix our clean-outs and had the same great attitude as the previous employees mentioned. Polite, nice, hard working, and informative. Another great experience.

(I can’t forget the diggers—those guys were always on time, worked incredibly fast, and were very nice)

I take the time to write this email because I believe that great customer service deserves to be recognized. And the individuals my wife and I interacted with delivered top notch customer service.

Have a great weekend,

Thank you again,

W. Adams -

Mitch G. was a really great guy and I was very impressed with his attention to detail.
Thanks for sending such a great guy!

R. Berkovsky -

Mitch Blackwell is a credit to your organization! His customer service is FABULOUS. Very professional The total experience was wonderful. He even worked around my dog who decided to swim with him. He is a tribute to your organization. I have a salesforce world-wide; I wish all my people were like him. I will recommend you to everyone. I expected this to take weeks and it’s already completed. Just a wonderful experience.
Thank you!

H. Abt -

Henry Recinos is great! He was very courteous,professional, informative, and friendly! He did his job swiftly, and knew what he was talking about! I am glad you sent him!

B. Blattner -

Kyle was polite and professional. He explained things in terms that I could understand. I am very impressed and plan to refer your company to everyone I can.

C. Well -


I have been quite impressed with Kyle's dedication and service. Thank you for that.

T. Kenward -

Ya'll were so awesome!! Thanks!

A. Smith -

We've had Mitch as the technician visiting our house each time we've needed your services and I just want to let you all know that he is an excellent employee and wonderful to deal with. He's very prompt and professional, answering questions very well and with considerable knowledge and courtesy. He is a major factor in our repeat business and wish that more employees at more places would be as exemplary as he has been. Workers such as this are not easy to find. Give him a raise!


P.Jones -

I recently had an issue with a leak in my front yard. After determining it was beyond my ability to fix myself, I called American Leak Detection. It was my first experience with AMLD. Henry Recinos and his brother Renee responded. They were both friendly, and took time to explain the problem and how they would correct it. They were also appreciative of the big hole I had already dug for them. Still, they got their share of the mud. They were professional and good representatives of your company.

B. Morgan -

Thank you for sending Eric. He is very efficient and professional. It was a pleasure to have him do our test. He seems likes a really great guy. We will recommend your company to any of our neighbors with leak concerns.

J. O'Bannon -

Henry is a very trustworthy and respectful employee. He is so good and was very careful on the work he did. Thank you very much.

L.Green -

I am writing to let you know that I was very pleased with your serviceman who performed a sewer leak detection test at XXXX xxxxx Trace in Denton, Texas for me. You representative, Michael Mendoza, was extremely professional. He arrived on schedule and explained everything he needed to do for me, and promptly performed the test. He certainly made me feel very confident in recommending your company to others.
Thank you again Mr. Mendoza.

C. Petterson -

Michal was very professional, personable and a great guy. He was exceptionable and has such enthusiasm for what he does. We have placed your company high on our list of references.

Thank you,

R. Hamm -

Thank You. Can’t say enough about Mitch’s professionalism, thoroughness and besides that being a nice guy. It was a pleasure to watch someone who knows what he’s doing.

M. Parish -

Thank you for the quick turnaround!
Also, wanted to thank you for sending Kyle. He was wonderful! Very thorough, extremely personable, and he took the time to answer all our questions. I would highly recommend him.

N. Diller -

I submitted my comments below at the ALD website but since it looked pretty generic and national I wanted to make sure that someone locally actually received my Praise of Paul. I called the office and Christi provided me with you email. Great job to you if you are leading everyone. I have been real impressed.

I submitted the following at the survey site.

I can describe my experience with the gentleman that was sent to my house, Paul Duckworth, in one word, WOW ! The service was awesome, my problem resolved, the price reasonable, I could not be any happier. However, I would like to say more on Paul.

In the last 5-7 years I have done most of the work and repair to the pool myself, but I have also used four (4) different pool service companies. None have been fantastic, they were mostly average, with one being someone who I would never call again. I say this as a basis for comparison. Thank you for sending Paul Duckworth to my house. That sounds kinda corney, I know, but $1,900 is a lot to spend and he has made me "feel" like I have spent the money well with your company. He was focused, He was careful, He was conversational with me when he needed to be, and He was definitely was sincere about his concern that my pool was going to be working when he was done. That was very important to me since my wife is Pregnant and wants to float.

I do not know what else to say without making it overkill. But I wanted to get the point across. Paul deserves to be recognized and rewarded for how he makes the American Leak Detection company look. Good Employees can be hard to find. He is definitely one. If all of your techs are this way then you guys are going to take over the world of pool companies. Great people make great companies. Paul's workmanship and service was Great, Outstanding, and WOW!!

If you would like to talk to me, I would be more than happy to elaborate on this via the phone. You should have my phone number on file. Also, I entered my address as part of this survey. I NEVER do survey's, this may be the second one I have ever done (You can see the reason why above)


D. Jolly -

I just wanted to take the time to point out the outstanding service I received from Mr. Paul Duckworth.
The service call was flawless, he arrived on time, went right to work and was very knowledgeable in the workings of
the pool. Simply OUTSTANDING! Be sure to thank him again for me.

D. Paton -

Hello American Leak Detection,
I hope this email finds it's way to Mr. Recinos' direct boss. Today, Mr. Recinos came to our house to look for a leak that we assumed was in our slab. We were however very happy to learn that the leak was in our wall.

Moreover, I want you to know that Mr. Recinos was very expeditious, clean, friendly, informative, and patient. The work performed by Mr. Recinos was commendable and I would definitely recommend him and your business to anyone in need of your services.

Thank you so much for employing such a great service tech.

Kindest regards,

J. Hooks -

Very professional, courteous, and how he took the time to explain things. Eric is an awesome asset to American Leak Detection. Thank you so much!!

C. Taylor -

Thank you so much. I did want to give some feedback for Paul that came to my house yesterday. He was very professional and courteous. He was even concerned about making noise while doing the repair, as I have a newborn baby. I will definitely recommend American Leak Detection to anyone that needs your services!

C. Green -

I wish to express how impressed I was with the service provided to my son, who suffered a water leak( Casey Lewis). The leak specialist was Henry Recinos.
He was very professional and concerned with doing the work right. I know many are concerned with volume work and not quality work. My thanks again to him and apparently your company standards.

H. Lewis -

Eric was very professional and an excellent young man. He cleaned up after himself. Five stars, very satisfied customer.

C. Cox -

Thank you so much Kristy! Michael called and left me a message about what all he had done. I really appreciate the professionalism.

N. Holcomb -

I had to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mitch. He was out on July 28; he was courteous, through & just overall nice. Thank you Mitch for working so hard especially in such hot conditions!!

Most Sincerely -

K. Fox -

My husband and I recently found out we had a slab leak--so as you can imagine, it was not one of our best days as a home owner! We were stressed about the mess it made, the cost associated with it, and the worry if we would have a plumber who would fix the leak properly.

Your company was recommended to us by our insurance adjuster through Farmers Insurance (which I think speaks highly of your reputation). As I dealt with the office staff, I found Judy and Yadira to be very friendly and helpful. They made a very fast appointment for our leak to be repaired and were the lowest quote we had from 3 plumbing companies we contacted.

Henry Recinos was our plumber and was OUTSTANDING :-) Whereas your quote was also the least expensive, the other two companies were also telling us the job would require 2 days to complete--Henry and his crew did the job in one day. Henry was very professional, explained what caused our leak, how he was making the repairs, the guarantee on the work and made sure he had answered all of my questions before he left.

As a business owner, you might only hear from your customers when there is a complaint, but I wanted you to hear from me to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with American Leak Detection, thanks to your employees I mentioned. What was a stressful situation, ended up being a minor blip in our week thanks to the way your company does business and treats customers. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know!

I've already given you a great review on your Facebook page, but if there is anything else I can do to help out, I'll be glad to do so--just let me know :-)

Thanks again!

M. White - Midlothian TX

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