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Residential Leak Detection Services

American Leak Detection is the world leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of hidden water, sewer and gas leaks for residential, commercial and municipal properties. Trained technicians use non-invasive, state of the art technology to accurately locate leaks, saving water, time and money. Avoid unnecessary property damage commonly associated with the conventional search and destroy methods utilized to detect leaks.

If you are experiencing an unusually high water bill, find yourself constantly refilling the pool, or hear water running indoors, you may have a hidden plumbing leak. Call American Leak Detection today.

Customer Testimonials

Dear American Leak Detection,

The experience we encountered throughout the entire process was so refreshing!

Noel, Leak Specialist, was extremely knowledgeable and professional! He made both of us feel confident that he would solve this big mystery leak (33,000 gallon usage in 1 month!)

We had 3 other companies out and they all were super nice, however, the repair estimates were in the thousands due to a interior slab leak.

What we wanted was not to have any demolition in our home. We had our home of over 30 years remodeled a few years back and the thought of any demolition was unbearable to us.

We are so relieved it was out in the yard, 3 feet under due to a new line over 30 years being installed for our soft water. The original line wasn't capped off properly so it leaked big time.

Let Noel know how much we appreciated his top notch attitude and kindness; we appreciated it dearly !

ALD's commitment to their customers of "we will find the leak", is fact and it was a blessing for us!

I would encourage others in the same situation we were in to call ALD now! It's so worth the money! We will most definitely refer others to American Leak Detection of San Antonio, Texas .

Thank you 😊
Mrs. Debra Haynes
Me. Derek Griffin

Mrs. Debra Haynes & Mr. Derek Griffin - San Antonio, TX

To the staff at American Leak Detection,
Please accept this message as a "tip of the hat" and " pat on the back" for the manner in which our swimming pool leak problem was handled by your firm. We had another leak detection firm analyze the source of air bubbles and water loss previously and they had zero success solving the problem. That exercise led us to the internet and a call to your firm.

An appointment was made, a reminder on the day of the detection was timely, and a professional named Mr. Fabio Garcia with you firm arrived exactly on time. His review and inquiry was very thorough, humor and technical knowledge became quickly evident while he worked; needless to say found the leak within an hour of his investigation. Luckily it was outside the concrete border of the pool and he excavated the turf in the area of the leak.

It was determined then that we (homeowner) would expose the pipe around the leak and call Mr. Garcia once we were able to provide a dry access to the split pipe, thus saving money for the homeowner. Because of his schedule, he was able to come back to our home on a Saturday morning and very promptly cut-out and re-piped the 2" PVC line. All of this time with a very cheerful and friendly attitude.

We do not look forward to another pool problem but, should one appear, we will call American Leak Detection without hesitation. Mr. Garcia's eighteen years of experience and his firms profession method of business cannot be duplicated by any other like company. We wish each of them a genuine thanks for their helpfulness and promptly remedying a problem we have experienced for the last two years. Thanks again for your time.

James and Jane Kelley
San Antonio, TX
Nov. 1, 2016

James & Jane Kelley - San Antonio, TX

RE: Services Rendered - August 31, 2016

I have multiple purposes in mind in drafting this letter. Let me first say that I am a retired CEO; and as such, am probably a good deal more critical of services I receive, than most.

The very first thing I would mention and compliment is the professionalism and thoroughness of Kaleb Douglass, in not only locating the source of our problem, but in his ascertaining that the leak located as the sole one in our system.

As a retired businessman, I well know that service firms quite literally live and die by the representation their employees make to their clientele. Your men were extremely pleasant to deal with and represented their company well.

Last, but certainly not least; the services rendered enabled our local sprinkler service firm to effect repairs with a minimum of difficulty; and I would make specific note that I have subsequently made multiple checks of our water meter to ascertain that there is no continuing leakage. There is none, and that is a huge relief.

Suffice to say, Mrs. Weatherred and I are well satisfied customers, and would highly recommend your services to anyone having the need of locating leaking in their water lines. Also, should you choose, please feel free to use me as a reference for your services. I consider that we were well treated in virtually every aspect of this transaction.

In conclusion, I wish you every success I your company's activities and remain:


Preston A. Weatherred, III - Kerrville, TX

Just a kind word.

Your company is very professional and work in a timely manner. Charlie was extremely kind and friendly, I'm sure he is an asset to the company.


The Trainor Family - Schertz, Tx

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