Arkansas Sewer Leak Detection

40 Years of Leading the Field in Leak Repair

Our company was founded because Richard Rennick knew there was a better way to fix sewer line leaks than to dig up your floor or yard. Fixing leaks used to be a massive endeavor because the cost of repair included landscaping or massive home repairs. Thanks to American Leak Detection, that’s no longer the case. We have perfected the use of proprietary technology to find and repair leaks with little to no damage to your home or property.

To find your sewer leak, our licensed and certified technicians use a live camera attached to a cable line to thoroughly inspect your sewer line. Once the leak is located, we utilize advanced repair methods to fix or replace the pipe—without digging up your yard. “Trenchless” repairs means our solution will be the most cost-effective and permanent procedure possible. Get a clear, accurate, and upfront estimate when you call us for a free assessment!

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