Pool Leak Detection

Non-Destructive & Cost-Effective Leak Repair

Pool leaks can be extremely costly—mostly because many homeowners won’t realize the difference between normal evaporation and a leak. American Leak Detection is ’s premier provider of pool leak detection and repair. Our cost-effective approach, backed by 40 years of industry experience, allows us to discover the precise location of the leak without causing damage to your backyard or pool. Once we’ve located the leak, our repairs provide a permanent solution—saving you hundreds of dollars. If you suspect that your pool has a leak, consider using the Bucket Test® to determine if your pool is losing water due to evaporation or due to pool damage. Simply fill a 5-gallon bucket about two inches from the top and place it in your pool. Mark the water level on the outside and inside of the pool, then check it again in 24 hours. If you lost more water in your pool than in your bucket, you may have a leak. Call American Leak Detection for cutting-edge, cost-effective repairs!

Don't Let Your Yard Get Destroyed by a Pool Leak!
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