Epoxy Pipe Lining – ePIPE

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A water leak in your home or business can cause headaches from rampant property damage to skyrocketing utility bills. However, before you go tearing out your walls, call our team at American Leak Detection of Southern Alabama. Using ePIPE technology, we can find even the smallest pinhole leaks and repair your pipes right within the walls themselves. The ePIPE process can seal leaks, restore pipes, and prevent future corrosion all without ripping into your property – and less disruption means that you save money. Our highly-trained service professionals are backed by more than 40 years of experience and are ready to tackle any problem.

Too often, other companies attempt to pressure customers into agreeing to a full re-pipe when simpler, non-destructive repairs will get the job done. That is not how we do business. At American Leak Detection of Southern Alabama, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities and we will never recommend a service that you don’t need. If your pipes are broken, call our team and discover why so many people trust us with their leak service and repair needs.

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