Drain Leak Detection

The Nation’s Leak Detection Specialists

Do you smell a foul odor in your home? Is there mildew growth in the walls of your bathroom or throughout your home? It’s possible that your drain has a leak. Unfortunately, drain leaks result in repulsive sewer odors because leaks allow trapped water to evaporate—leading to harmful and unsanitary gases from the sewer system to seep into your home. It’s vital that you call a leak repair specialist as soon as possible to find the problem and fix it.

American Leak Detection has been the national leader in drain leak detection for over 40 years. Our proprietary, non-destructive methods allow us to offer accurate estimates and provide cost-effective repairs while causing little-to-no damage to your home. For drain leaks, being able to find your leak quickly could mean the difference between a $100 repair and a $1,000 repair. You need a specialist on the job.

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