Proper safety measures can prevent pool drain accidents and death

August 14th, 2013

Although the Pool and Spa Safety Act was passed in 2007, mandating that public pools replace flat drain covers with larger covers that do not create suction- many private pools and spas’ drain covers were not updated and still pose a risk of danger or death, especially for children.

An average of 390 children under age 15 die each year from pool or spa-related submersion injuries, including drowning or near-drowning incidents, according to 2008-2010 statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Forty-eight percent of injuries and 73 percent of fatalities involving kids under 15 occurred at a residence, not a public pool.
Pool drains were responsible for sending 39 people, mostly children, to the emergency room from 2008 to 2012. Their injuries ranged from bruising and fractured toes to more serious injuries caused by drain suction. Even the new, domed drain covers present a hazard if they are not checked regularly, since the screws holding them in place can potentially come off or rust.
Additional tips for preventing this type of accident:

Get the proper safety features: Every residential pool should have up-to-date domed drain covers that are securely attached, plus a safety vacuum release system. There are also protectors that block the drain pipe underneath the cover so children’s hands and feet cannot get stuck inside.

If your child would become attached to the drain: Don’t try to lift them straight off the drain- the force of the suction makes that impossible. Instead, reach across the child, wedging your fingers between the drain and their body. Then peel or roll them off by pulling sideways.

Fiberglass pools prove to be most affordable, less leaky in the long run

July 19th, 2013

Before you’re ready to hire a pool builder, there are many important decisions to consider, especially the cost and type of pool. The five most common types of swimming pools include above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl-lined, gunite and poured concrete.

Vinyl-lined pools are typically the most cost effective and popular, until you consider one thing- they leak more often than fiberglass pools.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the majority of pools can be expected to have leak problems at least once during their service life. On average, a swimming pool constructed over 10 years ago will leak once every six years. If constructed more than 20 years ago, this rate drops to every four years.

If you want to avoid pool leaks altogether, fiberglass is your best option. A sturdier material by nature, it will have less leakage issues throughout its lifetime, according to Jimmy Carter, senior director of corporate field services at American Leak Detection.

“Day-to-day, we see the most leaks in vinyl liners, by far,” Carter said. “Liners can be a hassle, especially because you’ll find yourself replacing it about every 10 years. Fiberglass pools are a great option to avoid leaks.”

Fiberglass pools also require less installation time, along with cheaper maintenance and operational costs.

SE Louisiana team members featured in The Baton Rouge Advocate

July 9th, 2013

Since 1990, the folks at American Leak Detection of Southeast Louisiana have been listening for problems.  They’re in the business of finding leaks in residences and businesses.  They also find leaks in swimming pools.

“The leak could be under the slab, outside or behind the wall,” owner Laura Kleinpeter said.

She and her husband Greg are owners of the local franchise which uses non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology to locate leaks.   The equipment helps the customer save money and avoid unnecessary property damage.

In fact, Kleinpeter said, the first sign of a problem could be a sudden hike in your water bill or a drop in the water level of your swimming pool.

Leak technicians do a lot of work with insurance companies locating water and sewer leaks.  The first thing many people do when water shows up in their house is call their insurance company.  The insurance company then contacts American Leak Detection to locate the problem and deals directly with the insurance company.  If a plumber is contacted first, the plumber will call the leak technician with the information on the job and go out to locate the problem.

Leak technicians don’t make the repairs- they’re not plumbers. But they can locate the leak so the plumber can make the repairs without guess work.  If the problem is found underneath the slab, a diagram will be drawn showing where the leak was located.

Many times a pool owner will notice an unusual amount of water being added to their pool daily or the need for more chemicals than usual.

“We tell people your pool should not lose more than 1/8”-1/4” water per day to evaporation,”  Kleinpeter said. “If it’s losing more than that, you could damage the structure of your pool which could cause expensive repairs down the road.”

The company serves Southeast Louisiana, from the Atchafalaya Basin to Mississippi. The Kleinpeters started their business after visiting a cousin in Houston who owns an American Leak Detection franchise.  They signed on and went through extensive training to open the local office.

“We felt like there was a need for this service in the Baton Rouge/ New Orleans area,” she said.

They knew there was a need, and rightly so.  Houses and pools settle.  Foundations crack.  Pipes flex and crack.  Even a lightening strike can damage plumbing and cause a leak, Kleinpeter said.

“Sometimes if there isn’t a crack in the slab the water is evaporating and going into the soil under the house and the homeowner may not know they have a leak until they get an extremely high water bill.,”  she said. “If the problem goes on for a while it can do damage to the slab. “

American Leak Detection is open from 8-4:30 Monday through Friday.  There are more tips and information on their website:

~Courtesy of The Advocate

Team member begins summer kayaking journey

July 5th, 2013

Patti Godwin, our Spokane and Tri-Cities WA. franchisee, has embarked on a 400-mile journey kayaking along the Columbia River that runs through her territory. Patti has been planning this adventure for quite some time to celebrate she and her husband Joe’s 20th anniversary of owning and operating their location.

Be sure to bookmark the link below to follow Patti along the way!

Leak Detection Franchisee Celebrates 15 Years Serving Central Texas

June 24th, 2013

In 1998, Brian Bailey was purchasing a home when he unexpectedly came upon 18 inches of standing water. Unsure how the water had surfaced, he contacted his insurance company who, in turn, hired American Leak Detection to locate the source. He had no idea “leak detection” was an industry and his interest grew as he watched the technician work at his new home that day.

Having worked as a mortician for 13 years, Bailey was growing tired of this career and began searching for something different- a new challenge. A Texas A & M alumni, he decided to purchase the College Station territory and now, 15 years later, his business is thriving.

“As a business owner, I’m so proud to celebrate this milestone,” said Bailey, franchise owner. “I saw this concept and liked it immediately- it was both technical and challenging. In this line of work, I’m able to meet new people every day and I’m presented with different problems to solve.”

American Leak Detection of Central Texas operates two service trucks that cover its vast service area. The team provides a variety of leak detection services for service lines, including pool and slab leak detection, sewer inspection and infrared leak detection. The technicians utilize proprietary equipment and cutting-edge technology to find leaks without causing damage to a customer’s property.

“We are glad to see our franchisees achieve milestones that are an ode to their accomplishments,” says Patrick DeSouza, President and CEO of American Leak Detection. “Brian was committed to creating his own success. Finding leaks isn’t just a job; Brian has been a remarkable example of a career filled with passion. His crew’s work has found and stopped countless water leaks, saving homeowners much needed money in this tough economy.”

Bailey provides leak detection service for homes, businesses and municipalities. He has built lasting relationships with plumbers, pool companies and especially water purveyors to help build community awareness of water-use efficiency. His territory serves an area of 300,000 people in the College Station, Waco, Killeen and Temple communities.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a leak detection specialist, call 979-680-1094.

Miami franchise owners travel to St. Martin to locate mystery leak at resort

June 17th, 2013

Summit Resort Hotel

It was another day in paradise for American Leak Detection of Dade and Monroe County owners Larry and Harriett Hite.

Their normal routine locating leaks in the Miami FL area took a backseat recently when they were flown three hours to the island of St. Martin to complete a slab leak detection job at the 63-villa Summit Resort Hotel.

Talk of their potential three day trip began last March when the property owner searched for a leak detection company online and called their Miami office. He informed them what he was dealing with- he was spending $12,000 a month on water bills and knew there was a leak somewhere. He was insistent the Hite team travel to his resort since he needed to locate the leak once their off-season began and fewer visitors were on the property.

The owner said he wanted to call in the, “big guns” because local workers had attempted to find the leak, but to no avail. Water is expensive and in scarce supply on the island, according to resort management. It’s not as much as a luxury for them as it is in the United States.

“We felt like part of the family; everyone was so welcoming and the owner even picked us up at the airport,” says Harriett Hite who accompanied her husband. “He told us we should hire a guy to work on the island because they deal with leak issues constantly and no on knows how to find them.”

Their technician conducted a source-and-origin investigation on the property to narrow down the problem areas. The leaking 1-inch PVC pipe was ultimately discovered under the slab in the resort’s laundry room. It was quickly repaired and sub-meters were installed to help facilitate finding further leaks.

The Hites have now returned to the Miami area and are keeping in touch with management to make sure there are no further issues. The Hite’s have serviced Miami, Dade and Monroe Counties since purchasing their territory in August 1989. For more information, visit:

American Leak Detection of Wisconsin expands territory to serve Madison and Green Bay

June 4th, 2013

Michael Tews checks out new equipment at a recent training session.

Michael Tews and his staff have been providing leak detection and repair services for Milwaukee residents for more than a decade. They have now decided to officially expand their operations to the Madison and Green Bay areas. American Leak Detection provides leak detection without destruction, quickly locating the source of the leak and repairing without having to tear down and rebuild. Tews’ years of service have built a reputation for quick and efficient leak detection and repair, saving his customers water, money and time.

“This office has served much of the area for many years, but our recent expansion allows us to serve even more customers in a timely manner,” says Tews, who has owned his American Leak Detection franchise since November 2004. “I wanted to expand our customer base and provide service to as many people as possible.”

The expanded territory now includes the counties of Brown, Calumet, Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Door, Fond du Lac, Green, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Outagamie, Portage, Rock, Walworth, Waupaca, Waushara and Winnebago.

“I am proud to offer American Leak Detection’s tried and true services,” says Tews, who owns the company with his wife Gail. “Being a part of an internationally known company is priceless and so is being my own boss.”

“We are pleased whenever a franchisee expands their service and territory,” says Patrick DeSouza, executive chairman of American Leak Detection. “Mike has done a wonderful job helping people in Wisconsin and now even more customers will have access to his great service. Our franchisees save customers money, minimize property damage and help conserve our most precious resource – water.”

American Leak Detection has been operating in Milwaukee for the past 15 years.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with a leak detection specialist, call (262) 538 5000 or  toll free (888) 345 LEAK (5325). Learn more by visiting

Corporate office named CRWA Associate Member of the Year

June 4th, 2013

The Corporate Headquarters of American Leak Detection was recently awarded the California Rural Water Association’s 2013 Associate Member of the Year Award.

The CRWA’s management team chooses to honor members who go above and beyond the call of duty for both CRWA staff and fellow members, according to Sara Rowe, CRWA’s Director of Internal Operations.

Great job team!

ePIPE® technology named winner in ‘Best Innovation Adopted’ Category at UK Energy Innovation Awards

May 14th, 2013

Pipe Restoration Services (PRS), a joint venture between Morrison Utility Services and US-based Pipe Restoration Technologies LLC, has been named winner in the category of ‘Best Innovation Implemented or Adopted by a Contractor’ at the 2013 UK Energy Innovation Awards.

The award was presented to PRS for adapting ePIPE®, a technology initially introduced to the UK to eliminate lead contamination and leaks in water services and now being developed to extend asset life for gas riser systems.

Organized by the Energy Innovation Centre to celebrate technologies working to deliver a low carbon, sustainable and energy efficient future, this year’s awards received a record number of entries from across the UK and overseas.

“We are so pleased to offer ‘ePIPE®’ technology to our customers,” says John Seaver, owner of New Mexico’s American Leak Detection franchise. “So often re-piping a home or business requires significant structural damage that then has to be repaired.  With this technology, the pipes are treated without tearing into drywall, it is just as effective, and much less expensive.”

Pipes are first cleaned and then dried with special equipment from ALD, then a special polymer epoxy seal is applied to the interior of the pipes. This seals the pipes, so they can no longer seep lead or copper contaminants into drinking water. The process also serves to seal the pipes completely, eliminating existing leaks, and preventing future leaks.  It can be applied to both copper and galvanized pipes in both residential and commercial buildings. The color, taste and smell of the drinking water is completely protected from the original piping.

The technology is applied through the pipes at existing openings and prevents costly demolition and construction required with traditional re-piping methods. The ePIPE® system takes less time, and provides a superior and non-invasive pipe restoration.

This service is available through ALD, which also offers ePIPE® services to area plumbers on a sub-contracting basis. Before you re-pipe, contact your plumber and make sure he or she knows about ALD’s ePIPE® restoration technology. For ePIPE® professionals near you call 505-216-2488.

Local business owner joins That Others May Live Foundation to support families of fallen heroes

May 9th, 2013

For the third consecutive year, American Leak Detection of Columbus owner Steven West is contributing a percentage of his monthly sales to an organization that provides tragedy assistance for fallen USAF rescue members.

This cause is especially important to West, who served as a United States Air Force Pararescue Staff Sergeant from 1985 to 1994. This elite force is tasked with the rescue and recovery of personnel in combat and humanitarian operations. Since 1985, 29 pararescuemen and dozens of additional rescue crew-members have been killed in the line of duty.

West is contributing $10 for every invoice in the month of May to the Las Vegas-based That Others May Live Foundation. West’s leak technicians will also be encouraging customers to match their $10 donation while they’re in the field each day.

“This cause is extremely close to my heart,” says West. “These guys are out there putting themselves in harm’s way and tragically, many perish in the line of duty doing what I once did. This foundation provides critical support to the surviving family members and ensures educational opportunities for every child that has lost a parent during a mission.”

This year’s Pararescue Challenge, an annual event, is dedicated to the memory of Chief Master Sergeant Nick McCaskill who was killed while fighting off an ambush in Afghanistan while supporting the U.S. State Department April 6, 2013. The Chief is survived by his wife of 20 years, Nikki, and their two teenage daughters, Kenna & Tyler.

The fundraiser, consisting of physical fitness and endurance aspects, is open to both individuals and teams of three. It will begin at 7 a.m., May 18 at Hilliard Municipal Park, 3850 Veteran’s Memorial Drive. Visit to register for $75 or $210 to race as a team.

Steven and Lisa West purchased their Columbus territory in August 1998. They operate four trucks and employ a staff of seven. They serve Columbus and Central Ohio, including Delaware, Knox, Madison, Perry and Ross counties. For information, call 614-876-7146.