Drain & Sewer Pipe Line Relining

Let Our Leak Detection Specialists Fix Your Home Plumbing

From flushing toilets to washing dishes, your home plumbing is constantly used. If not properly maintained, the wear and tear can create punctures or cracks in the pipes. Your sewage and drains are one of the most used plumbing units in your residence – any cracks or breaks that appear should be immediately addressed. At American Leak Detection™, our skilled leak detection specialists have the technology and methods to provide non-invasive pipe relining services. Our process is effective, affordable, and reliable. We use minimally invasive procedures to reinforce the pipes.

When it comes to leaks in your sewage and drain lines, time is not on your side. Prevent further damage by calling (866) 701-5306!

Signs of Sewage & Drain Pipe Damage

While problems with your sewer and drain pipes may not be obvious, there are signs you can look for to detect damage.

Some signs to watch out for:

  • Sewer Gas Odor – One key sign you may have a leak in your sewage line is noxious odors. If you suddenly smell unpleasant sewage, it is important you call for help.
  • Slow Drains – Leaks in your drains and lines can back up the water, causing drainage to slow down. If left untreated, this can cause clogs and compromise the integrity of the pipe.
  • Extra Lush or Green Grass – Is there one area in your yard that is particularly lush? This might indicate a leak in your sewage line, creating additional fertilization.
  • Rodents – If you suddenly experience an influx of rodents, your sewage and drains might be the cause. Make sure they are well sealed to protect your home and family.

At American Leak Detection, we use epoxy pipe coating systems to reline the pipes. Our methods are minimally invasive, meaning you don’t have to worry about open trenches or breaks in your walls. With our inspection cameras, we find the exact location of the leak or puncture and fix it with our epoxy lining.


  • Leak Repair
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Service Plumbing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sewer Line Leak Repair
  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Water Line Epoxy Lining & ePipe Service
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Leak Detection
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Drain & Sewer Pipeline Relining
  • Sewer Odor Detection

Pools, Spas & Fountains

  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
  • LeakVUE Services
  • Equipment Repair
  • Crack Injection

Utility Line Location

  • Utility Line Location

Cause & Origin

  • Cause & Origin / "Mystery Leaks"

Other Services

  • Irrigation
  • Infrared Leak Detection
  • Emergency Services
  • Crack Injection
  • FLO Smart Home Device

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