Slab Leak Detection

Call for Fast, Cost-Effective Slab Repairs

Slab leaks are among the worst plumbing problems a homeowner can have. Slab leaks are leaks that occur beneath your foundation or “slab”—usually from your water main. These leaks are difficult to detect and usually even more difficult to repair. Notorious for being costly, slab leaks require plumbers to dig through your foundation to fix the issue. American Leak Detection specializes in slab leak detection, utilizing cutting-edge technology to find the precise location of the leak without exploratory excavation or other costly, destructive methods. We specialize in methods that we developed over the course of 40 years, such as electronic amplification and electromagnetic pipeline locators. This has made us the premier provider of slab leak repairs in , providing our customers with peace of mind and permanent solutions—saving them thousands in property repairs and water usage bills.

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