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Answers to Your Common Questions

American Leak Detection Has the Expertise You Need

Having a leak on your property can leave you feeling like you’re in the dark. Without the right equipment, finding the source of the leak can be very challenging. Our highly-trained service professionals can bring clarity where there is confusion. We want our customers to have the answers they need to make the right decisions for their property. Below, you will find answers to some of the most common questions.

How Do I Know if I Have a Leak?

Leaks often go unnoticed until you discover water damage on your property. Look out for unexplained increases in your water bill or the sound of running water.

How Do You Locate Leaks?

We utilize electronic leak detection tools. These tools are extremely effective at locating even the smallest of leaks, all while preventing needless damage to your property.

Do You Offer Residential & Commercial Services?

Our service professionals have been trained to handle both residential and commercial jobs. No matter how small or large your leak is, we are capable of providing cost-effective, non-invasive solutions.

Can I Repair a Leak Myself?

While it is possible to repair a leak on your own, there are many risks. To save your home or business from expensive water damage, we recommend trusting a professional. We promise to keep your costs low!

How Does Infrared Equipment Work?

Infrared leak detection equipment allows our highly trained service professionals to take a look inside your walls by taking a thermal reading. We will be able to see hot and cold spots, enabling us to leaks at their origin with 100% accuracy.

Why Is Infrared Leak Detection Better?

Hands down, infrared leak detection is the least destructive way to locate leaks. Additionally, since we use the technology on your entire home, we may find other issues you are not aware of, such as electrical hot spots or rodent infestations.

Will This Technology Cost Me More?

Quite the contrary. Infrared leak detection will help save you money on expensive repairs. Because this technology allows us to locate the source of the leak without having to open your walls, much less damage will be done.

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