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As Seen On TV

San Bruno Fires on CBS2

Jimmy Carter of American Leak Detection comments on San Bruno Fires, and the risks of leaking gas lines.

American Leak Detection on CBS2 KPSP Palm Springs.

Jimmy Carter of American Leak Detection discusses the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

American Leak Detection on Designing Spaces

Kris Carter and Brian West of American Leak Detection provide homeowners information about professional leak detection services including hidden plumbing leaks and swimming pool leaks. Brian West demonstrates acoustic leak detection, infrared thermography, the bucket test and the LeakVue. The LeakVue aids the leak detection specialist in determining the rate of fluid loss or gain from a body of water in as little as fifteen minutes.

American Leak Detection on HGTV's House Detective

Home inspector Steve Ramos is called in to help find the source of an $800 water bill. After performing a meter test Steve calls in Sean Macaulay of American Leak Detection to find the source of the problem.

American Leak Detection on KZSW TV in Temecula, California.

Dan Dreiske of American Leak Detection demonstrates the bucket test to check for water loss in your swimming pool. Dan also tests the swimming pool using LeakVue.

PipeBurst Pro

View this video to learn more about the PipeBurst Pro. If you need to know something that is not found in this video about the PipeBurst Pro, please visit PipeBurst Pro to learn more.

American Leak Detection on KMIR Channel 6 News

Jim Carter of American Leak Detection highlights the precautions to be taken after an earthquake to prevent further damage to property.
Jim suggests installing automatic shut-off valves for your water and gas lines.
Contact Jim at 760.320.8273 to find out if your home needs automatic shut-off valves.

American Leak Detection on ABC 7 Eyewitness News, Los Angeles

Rick Ramero of ABC 7 Eyewitness News investigates the trenchless pipe replacement service performed by Chris Graham of American Leak Detection in Los Angeles. Trenchless pipe replacement is in line with American Leak Detection's mission for non-destructive solutions for building infrastructure.