Commercial/Municipal Water Distribution Systems

Trust the Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Commercial and government buildings require reliable water distribution systems to function properly. These systems consist of a network of pumps, storage tanks, and pipelines working cohesively to treat and supply water. However, because of time, usage, and poor installation, these pipelines are liable to develop cracks or breaks. At American Leak Detection™, we understand emergencies can happen, which is why our leak detection specialists are available to create customized solutions.

    For complete leak surveys on your water distribution system, turn to American Leak Detection. We use state-of-the-art technology to locate leaks. Our highly-trained service professionals have the experience and knowledge to work quickly and efficiently. As an internationally recognized company, you can trust we know what we’re doing.

    Why Choose American Leak Detection?

    American Leak Detection has been around since 1974. With 40+ years to back our services, businesses and government offices trust our technicians. That’s because we’re always on time, finish the job in the projected timeline, and provide quality solutions.

    What you can expect from our leak detection:

    • We help you avoid system contamination.
    • We can help reduce liability.
    • We can reduce non-revenue water.
    • We test both sides of the meter.

    Because more of the water infrastructure is located below ground, it can be easy to miss leaks. However, if these go untreated, they can threaten the structural integrity of your water distribution system as well as cost you in water bills. Allow our skilled leak detection specialists help today.

    Water Distribution Systems

    • Leak Detection
    • Fire Lines
    • Leak Surveys
    • Repairs

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