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Swimming Pool, Spa and Plumbing Leak Detection Serving Broward County, Florida

Swimming pool leak detection

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When your home is threatened by a leak, call in “The Original Leak Specialists” at American Leak Detection. With our state-of-the-art technology, extensive training, and proven methodology, American Leak Detection will provide you peace-of-mind by finding your leak non-desctructively. We call it Leak Detection Without Destruction™.

Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection

Swimming pool and spa leaks have the potential to cause massive property damage, and extremely high water bills. If you suspect a leak, do not hesitate to take action by calling American Leak Detection.

Type of leaks detected

Benefits of non-invasive leak detection

Common symptoms in Broward pools

Swimming Pool and Spa Repair

Once the leak detection is performed we provide an estimate for repairs.

Hidden Plumbing Leak Detection

Other than massive property damage, hidden plumbing leaks also cause massive headaches. Call American Leak Detection to help you prevent further damage to your property, and most importantly, give you peace-of-mind knowing your home will be leak free.

Insurance Claims

Cause and origin inspection and reporting

We find hidden plumbing leaks in all kinds of places: in slabs, walls, under asphalt, under soil, in yards, and in irrigation systems

Benefits of non-invasive leak detection

Reduced water damage, reduced repair cost, property value preservation, reduced utility bills, and increased peace-of-mind.

Common symptoms of hidden plumbing leaks in Broward

Sewer and Drain Inspections

Sewer odor source detection

Video inspection and underground locating of vent, drain and waste lines

Benefits of video sewer inspection

Common sewer, vent and drain issues in Broward county

Utility Line Locating

Call before you dig...

Water, gas, electric, sewer, communications, fiber optics, cable