House-checking tips for future first-time homebuy

Before making that down payment on the house, US News & World Report said there are many things to check in, around and about the house before committing to purchasing.

The report said homebuyers should be doing things such as checking the foundation and HVAC equipment, looking for water damage and checking all electrical outlets for problems.

US News said homebuyers often look for the wrong things when buying a house and ultimately believe they can easily fix whatever problems already exist.

Regarding water damage, the article notes that "what happened once (like a leaking basement) can easily happen again," and that homebuyers should also check the bathroom and under the sink for plumbing leaks or issues.

According to GovTrack, a public research website which focuses on Congress, the Home Inspection Act of 2010 was introduced this year. If passed, the law would require any home inspection that involves a federally related mortgage loan to be conducted by a State-licensed or State-certified home inspector to determine any structural, mechanical and electrical safety defects.

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