Natural gas leak in Portland leads to evacuation

Fire and rescue crews in Portland, Oregon, recently discovered a major gas leak that forced many residents to evacuate their homes. The natural gas line broke while the Portland Water Bureau was installing a new water line in the southwest Portland area. Around 15 homes in the neighborhood were evacuated and their gas was turned off as repair teams fixed the break.

Portland fire and rescue told ABC affiliate KATU that the gas was turned off once the leak was detected and the levels of natural gas in the air never reached dangerous levels. No one was harmed from the leak, but officials wanted to evacuate the area as a precaution.

The Oregonian reported that the 4-inch leak was found on the 100 block of Southwest Kingston Avenue, and traffic was stopped to allow crew members access to the leak. While installing the water line, the water bureau crew heard a hissing sound coming from the pipe. They promptly contacted Portland Fire & Rescue to report the leak, and NW Natural gas company shut off the gas to prevent an injury or explosion.

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