Council votes to approve automated water meters

City officials in Charleston, Illinois, voted recently on a measure that would allot $1.7 million to replace decades-old water meters in the town, according to The Daily Eastern News.

Among the benefits of the proposed automated system is improved water leak detection. City officials say they will be able to detect leaks in the event a resident is out of town, potentially preventing serious damage from occurring, the news source reports. The system would make data more precise, leading to more accurate bills and better water conservation methods.

The new water meters would take three to four years to install and would eliminate the need for meter readers, the news source reports. City officials indicated that the two full-time and one part-time meter readers employed by the city would be transferred to a different department.

The city of Clarkfield, Minnesota, recently began installing automated water meters in area homes, according to The Granite Falls News. The project is expected to cost less than $100,000 and will make water bill calculations much easier for city workers.

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