Upstate New York fixing plumbing leaks caused by sinkholes

The importance of accurate leak detection for major pipeline projects should not be taken lightly. The small town of Kingston, New York, has leaky pipes to blame for their current leak debacle, with an estimated $1.6 million in replacement costs, according to the Daily Freeman.

In somewhat of a domino effect, after dump truck loads of dirt are poured into the sinkholes, the ground expands, causing another hole to develop several feet from the original site. The town has been having problems with leaky stormwater runoff since May, according to the Kingston Community News. Many of these sinkholes are especially irritating to drivers, because they have been causing foundation leaks in city roads. This has been quite a headache for local taxpayers, who have already been having issues with the unsound infrastructure of the stormwater pipes.

Relining this leak is a lengthy process, as the local water department will have to dig up the water pipes to prevent further damage. The project is expected to be finished in three months. This is another example of why taking care of an irrigation leak is important for the overall health of a city.

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