North Carolina couple sues city for sewer problems

Daniel and Sherry Jones of New Bern, North Carolina, have filed a lawsuit against the city for sewer problems that affected their home, the Sun Journal reported. According to the source, sewage flowed into the Jones' home, damaging their personal belongings and forcing them to relocate for several months while repairs were underway. The Jones' claim that the city was negligent about sewer maintenance, and put off repairing the deteriorating the pipes for far too long.

The Jones' lawsuit states that the sewage caused damage to their appliances, flooring, furniture and home. It also states that the sewer problems caused the couple emotional stress, health risks and embarrassment. The Jones' are suing New Bern for more than $10,000 in damages.

The city is fighting the lawsuit. According to the city's statement, the Jones' were responsible for issues because they allowed their own sewer lines to become clogged, which in turn caused the backup. However, the sewage came from more than one place – it seeped into the couple's yard, came into the home through pipes, and damaged multiple spots within the home.

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