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Residential Leak Detection Services

Discovering a leak on your property is a stressful ordeal that comes with a number of unpleasant realities that must now be faced. You will have to assess how much damage the leak has already caused, come up with funds to fix it, and find a trustworthy plumbing company. The best course of action is to move as quickly as possible to have a leak identified and repaired to minimize further damage. Unfortunately, many people hesitate or avoid doing so. This allows the problems that the leak causes to accumulate, ultimately making it more expensive to repair.

To have a good experience in resolving a leak issue that has occurred on your property, you need efficiency, effective and manageable price points, and minimal property damage. At American Leak Detection of Dallas, we build our services around state of the art, industry-leading technology that we are confident in. We want to change the leak repair experience into an efficient process that saves time and money and leaves our customers with peace of mind rather than a new repair project to deal with after the leak has been fixed. We make this possible with our unique non-invasive leak detection system. We promise minimal damage to your home, savings in your pocket, and a smooth experience with our team from start to finish.

The technicians at American Leak Detection of Dallas have undergone intensive training to master the technology that makes our services so much more effective than traditional leak detection and repair methods. On top of this, our company has over 40 years of leak detection experience. Alongside our revolutionary technology and training, we offer some of the most qualified professionals in the field who are devoted to handling any type of leak with more accuracy and efficiency than the rest. We service a variety of leak-prone environments, including:


For most people, their home is the largest investment they’ll ever make. Even the smallest of leaks can cause a home’s value to plummet if not handled properly. Drastic water bill increases, floor or wall water damage, cracks in the foundation, and uneven growth of vegetation are all potential signs that a leak is wreaking havoc on your home.


Leaks that occur on municipal properties are cause for great concern. Complications increase much faster than in other environments if they aren’t tended to quickly and properly, leading to far more damage to deal with. Municipalities come with the added stress of potential liability, as they can affect other infrastructure such as streets and utilities. Further, there is the dangerous possibility of leaks causing contamination, most commonly via groundwater infiltrating the regular water main. It’s therefore imperative to quickly find and repair leaks on a municipal property.


When a commercial property is faced with leak issues, there is more at stake than normal because the property likely houses multiple businesses. A leak can create unanticipated challenges in the normal pace of operations. Having to shut down operations for a leak repair company to come in and search for the source of damage can cost a business owner a lot of revenue, on top of having to pay for the repair itself. It is especially pertinent for commercial properties to obtain the quickest detection and repair possible, and that is exactly what we provide.


While it is normal for pool/spa water levels to fluctuate, there are certain indicators that can allude to a more serious problem that will only get worse the longer it goes untreated. Uneven or unusual wetness on the ground around a pool, the appearance that a pool/spa is settling further into the ground than normal, algae growth, and automatic filters constantly releasing water are all signs of a possible leak.

There is much more at stake than you may realize when it comes to the damage leaks can cause to your property. Each day that passes without attending to a leak means more risk, stress, time, and money that you will have to sacrifice when you finally decide to have it fixed.

Our Promise to You

American Leak Detection of Dallas strives to find and repair leaks quickly and with as little damage to property as possible. We value our customers and have several promises we make for every job:

Our experienced and professional technicians work quickly to identify and rectify leaks using proprietary technology and techniques that minimize damage to your property.

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American Leak Detection of Dallas wants you to know that getting your property back to its original state does not have to be the dire and costly process that you may have experienced in the past. Even with the success of our unique technology, we never stop seeking to improve our methods and increase the satisfaction we are capable of bringing to our customers. If you suspect a leak on your property, schedule an appointment with our team or discuss your situation with us by calling (972) 713-8691.

Customer Testimonials

Please accept this letter to show our appreciation for the exemplary service we received from your employee, Justin Jenkins at American Leak Detection, DFW. His professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded our expectations. He was able to locate the issue with our sewer line when three others from a reputable company missed it. He took the time to explain the issues and provided honest and reasonable expectations. Dealing with insurance companies can be a lengthy process, but Justin kept us informed throughout the entire process.

Such commitment to great customer service should be commended/rewarded. American Leak Detection has definitely earned out loyalty for all of our future needs and we will definitely refer friends and neighbors.

-Jennifer and Chad

Thanks for the work – the guys were great – professional – explained what they were doing – did excellent work.

I will highly recommend your company to others.


Thank you for the work done at my home by Justin and his crew of helpers. They were very professional, caring, and patient to help me understand the work needed and to be corrected. They were timely and cleaned up after each day on the job. Thank you again.


These days, we have found it is most unusual to find a company whose employees arrive promptly, are efficient and knowledgeable about their work, are honest when they are estimating a job, do the job quickly and properly, and provide excellent customer service as well!

We have been extremely pleased with the work American Leak Detection did at our home, and already have recommended the company to several of our friends.

-Jack and Sharon

I'm very pleased with the work performed by your company. The gentleman that arrived on site was very professional, knowledgeable, and polite.

An outstanding job overall and it was a pleasure doing business with your company.


I would like to thank you for the professional service we received from your company. The plumber you sent to my home was not only professional, but he was prompt, courteous, and personable. He explained in detail the nature of the problem, and what was going to be done to fix it. Because of the service we received, I would highly recommend your company to my friends and family.


Mr. Willis and his crew fixed our situation and returned everything back to normal. Please put me in the category of a satisfied customer, and again thank Mr. Willis for a job well done.


I thought I would let you know that Marcus has done a GREAT job working on my pool/spa!!!

He has stopped by at least 10 times to follow up on different things. I am very impressed with his work ethic and communicating what is going on.


Chase spent the better part of his day at our place today. He was VERY professional and knowledgeable. He wanted to make sure I saw the problem and understood it as well. I really appreciate him taking the tie today to go the extra mile for me.

-Lou Anne