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Leaks can be a nuisance. They drain your pool, spa, or fountain of water and escalate your water bills to unreasonable levels. At American Leak Detection of Jackson, we comprehend the inconvenience that leaks can cause and strive to provide prompt and effective leak repair services. If a leak detection test confirms the presence of a leak, we prioritize getting it fixed. And if we were the ones who detected the leak, we provide an immediate estimate for the repair service.

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Signs of a Pool Leak

A pool is a significant investment, and any potential leaks can not only disrupt your enjoyment but also lead to higher water bills and possible structural damage. Early detection is key to preventing further damage and costly repairs.

Some telltale signs that your pool might have a leak:

  • Excessive Water Loss: If you find yourself needing to refill the pool more often than usual, this could indicate a leak. An average pool should not lose more than ¼ inch of water per day.
  • Cracks in the Pool Decking: Cracks or gaps in the pool decking or surrounding concrete may signal a leak, as the water could be eroding the ground beneath these surfaces.
  • Soggy Grass Around the Pool: An unusually wet area around the pool, when it hasn't rained recently, could mean water is leaking from the pool into the ground.
  • Unusually High Water Bills: If your water bills have spiked recently without any other explanation, it might be due to a pool leak.
  • Shifting Pool Deck: If the ground around your pool seems to be shifting or sinking, it could be due to consistent water leakage.
  • Stains on Pool Walls or Floor: Discoloration or stains on the pool's walls or floor can be a sign of a leak, especially if they appear without a clear cause like algae or rust.
  • Constant Need to Add Chemicals: If you need to add chemicals more often than usual, it might be because water leakage is diluting them.

Causes of Pool Leaks

  1. Chemical imbalance
  2. Inclement weather / storm damage
  3. Tree roots
  4. Seismic pressure
  5. Dramatic temperature changes
  6. Aging pumps, fittings & seals

Swift & Efficient Pool Leak Repair Near You

Our Jackson, MS-based leak repair specialists work diligently to rectify any leaks promptly. Most leak repairs can be completed within a few hours, as we come equipped with all the necessary tools and products. For more complex issues requiring extensive intervention, we'll discuss the timeline with you, ensuring transparency throughout your pool leak repair service.

Choose American Leak Detection of Jackson for all your pool leak repair needs in Jackson, MS. We're here to ensure you can enjoy your pool, spa, or fountain all year round without any leak-related worries!

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