Pool Leak Detection & Repair Services in Jackson, MS

Reliable Pool Leak Detection Near You

Whether it’s a beautiful day and you want to enjoy the sunshine poolside or you have an indoor pool that you want to utilize year-round, the last thing you need is a pesky leak.

Not only do pool leaks create problems when your family wants to take a dip, but they also lead to more serious problems with water damage if they’re not handled carefully.

While we're locally owned and operated, we're backed by a national leak detection company with over 40 years of experience. Our services are cost-effective and we use non-invasive methods to identify and repair pool leaks. With us, you'll have ultimate peace of mind.

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How Do I Know My Pool is Leaking?

If there is a leak, you’re likely paying significantly more per month on your water bill than you should be. American Leak Detection of Jackson helps homeowners live peacefully with leak detection that’s quick, uncomplicated, and provides a clear insight into the issue.

Warning signs of pool leaks include:

  • Wet or soggy spots throughout your yard
  • Debris or air blowing into the pool
  • Cracks or loose tiles around or on the pool
  • Unexpected rise in water bills
  • Inconsistent water levels or regularly dropping levels
  • Musty or earthy smells that do not dissipate
  • You’re adding water into the pool more than once per week
  • Algae growth or discolored water in the pool

If you notice any of these, give us a call to investigate. We also have some DIY tests you can try out to help get yourself answers. But it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, and leaks are no match for our trained professionals.

Pool leaks can become expensive if they’re undetected for too long because they create tremendous damage that compromises the structural integrity. Calling our Jackson pool leak detection specialists ensures you’ll soon be back to relaxing in the water instead of stressing out about it.

Concerned that you may have a mystery or hidden pool leak? Count on us to identity the cause and origin of your pool's leak.


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Non-Invasive pool Leak Detection LeakVue™ Services

Rather than digging around in search of a leak when there might not even be one, we partnered with PlainSight to patent an exclusive product we call LeakVue™. Our specialists prefer to use this technology to understand the cause of water loss in 15 minutes or less.

LeakVue™ eliminates any invasive diagnostic necessity. No other company has this capability, and we’re proud to share its effectiveness with our customers. The great part for you is that the process involves a laser sensor to detect (without damage) the rise and fall of the water level in your pool.

We will evaluate the result of the graph which determines whether the water level changes stem from natural causes or a leak. If it’s a leak, we’ll provide you with a repair estimate on the spot. In most instances, we can start the repair process right away so you don't have to wait.

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