Pool, Spa & Fountain Leak Repairs
in Columbus, GA

Pool Leak Repair Tailored to You

Enjoy your residential pool, spa, and fountain throughout the year without worrying about leaks. At American Leak Detection of Western Georgia, we provide top-notch pool leak repair services tailored to meet your needs. If you suspect a leak in your pool, spa, or fountain, it's time to take action. Not only do leaks waste water, but they can also skyrocket your water bills.

Signs Your Pool May Be Leaking

  1. Changing Water Levels: If the water level in your pool drops more than 1/4 inch in a day, it might be leaking.
  2. Cracks and Damage: Visible cracks on the pool surface or around the pool area can indicate a leak.
  3. Wet Spots: Constant wet spots around the pool area can be a sign of leak.
  4. Increased Water Bills: If your water bill suddenly increases without an obvious reason, you may have a pool leak.
  5. Excessive Algae Growth: A leak can disrupt the chemical balance of your pool, leading to excessive algae growth.
  6. Loose Tiles or Pool Decking: Leaks can cause damage to the pool structure, resulting in loose tiles or decking.

Comprehensive Leak Repair Services

At American Leak Detection of Western Georgia, we are equipped to handle a wide range of systems. Whether it's your swimming pool, spa, or fountain, we've got you covered. We have extensive experience in repairing leaks in all types of recreational water features. Contact your local American Leak Detection of Western Georgia to learn how we can solve your specific situation!

Identifying the Source of the Leak

Leaks can occur due to various factors and can be located in any component of your pool system. They could be found in:

  • The structure surrounding the light, main drain, return outlets, tile line, etc.
  • Suction lines
  • Return lines
  • The main drain
  • Pool pumps and filters
  • Skimmers
  • Pool accessories like water slides

Our team has a thorough understanding of all the potential leak sources and the most effective methods to detect and repair them.

How Long Does Pool Leak Repair Take?

Our Columbus leak repair specialists work diligently to rectify any leaks swiftly. Most leak repairs can be completed within a few hours as we come equipped with all the necessary tools and products. For more complex issues requiring extensive intervention, we'll discuss the timeline with you - ensuring transparency throughout your pool leak repair service.

Why Choose American Leak Detection of Western Georgia?

At American Leak Detection of Western Georgia, we understand the inconvenience that comes with a leaky pool, spa, or fountain. That's why we strive to deliver fast and reliable leak repair services. If our expert team detects a leak during an inspection, we provide an immediate estimate for the repair service. Call us today at (334) 402-2073 to plan your repairs. Our friendly team is ready to assist!

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