Sewer Odor Detection

Leak Detection Services for Commercial & Municipal Properties

Sewage gas, while unpleasant to smell, can also be dangerous. Because the gas contains methane, there is risk of explosion hazards. If you detect a sulfur smell you can’t locate, turn to American Leak Detection™. Our skilled leak detection specialists have the tools and resources necessary to locate sewer odors. We work quickly and efficiently.

With our sewer camera inspection technology, we can locate the source of the odor. This non-invasive method provides accuracy and reliability. Our highly-trained team members will explain their findings, so you can make informed decisions about your commercial property.

Common causes for sewer odors:

  • Damaged Drain Line – The pipe between the sewer trap and drain securely carries waste out. However, if this pipe is damaged, it can cause a leak that produces the sulfuric smell.
  • A Dry Trap – When a drain line is not used often, it can dry out and break the trap seal.
  • Broken Vent – If your commercial plumbing vent does not work the way it should, sewer gas can leak out into your building, rather than above it.

The Service You Need for the Price You Want

At American Leak Detection, we take the time to explain where the sewage odor is coming from. If you believe you have a sewage odor, it is important you call (866) 701-5306.

Our leak detection specialists are ready to help.


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