Irrigation System Leak Detection

Is Your Water Bill Too High? Check for a Leak!

A well-functioning irrigation system helps keep your front lawn and backyard looking great all year long. However, unlike your other plumbing system which is safely nestled under the home’s foundation and within the walls, the irrigation is often exposed to suffer the external forces. Whether it’s because of high winds or a lawnmower knocking a valve, your irrigation system is susceptible to breaks and leaks. Allow American Leak Detection™ to help! We have over 40 years of industry-leading experience locating and repairing leaks. Our highly-qualified service professionals are always prompt, meticulous, and courteous.

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What You Need to Know About Irrigation Leaks

While your irrigation system may be out of sight, we hope it’s never out of mind.

Here are some signs you have an irrigation leak:

  • Dying Lawn – If parts of your lawn appear to be dry or dying, it can be an indication they are not receiving the water they need to thrive. Check for leaks that can cause this.
  • Increased Water Bill – Do you notice you’re charged more but haven’t been using more water than usual? This can be a sign you have a leak outside.
  • Wet Spots – Are there areas of your lawn that are always wet and soggy? Irrigation systems are usually set to distribute just enough water to help plants grow. If there is an excess of moisture, it can mean you have a leak.
  • Physical Damage – Did a pipe burst? Do you have a broken valve? If you see a sprinkler shooting water like a fountain, it means you have a problem. Similarly, if your control valves are constantly dripping, you have a leak problem.

At American Leak Detection, we take the time to carefully diagnose the issue and provide quality, reliable repair you can trust! Our leak detection specialists have experience locating leaks in irrigation systems.


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