Swimming Pool Leaks

A leaking swimming pool can be the source of stress and worry for a home owner. The average pool can lose up to 1/4" of water a day due to evaporation. However, during the summer months in Florida, especially once our afternoon rains begin, you should expect to lose little to no water due to evaporation. If you have to add water at all, we recommend performing a bucket test, in order to determine if a leak is present. Once a leak location is confirmed, American Leak Detection can help you find and fix your swimming pool leak.

Our process involves two types of tests. The first is the structure test, where the technician will dive the pool and inspect the skimmer, drain, light, tile grout, returns, and the pool surface for any leaks. Once the leaks are located he will then perform the necessary minor pool repairs to seal the leaks the same day. The second test we perform is a pressure test of the underground pool pipes. If a plumbing leak is present we have electronic leak detection equipment that allows us to locate the source of the leak. Once we know what type of further repair is necessary in order to fix the broken pipe, we will provide an estimate for the major repair. If a major repair is not required then, at that point, you should expect a leak free pool!

We provide competitive, up front, flat fee pricing that is based on the type of pool system that you have. Our office staff can provide you a quote before scheduling your leak detection. Our office warranties all leak detection work 100%. If your leak issue persists, then just give us a call within 60 days for a return visit. We are so confident in our leak technician's abilities that if, for any reason, we cannot locate your leak, you pay us nothing!

Important Note: In order to perform a successful pool leak detection the pool must be filled to the normal level (half way up the decorative skimmer tile) as well as clean and clear of all debris and algae. We can only fully test from the water level down and our goal is to find all the leaks in one trip! Likewise, debris and algae can temporarily disguise and/or plug an active leak causing us to miss it. This results in additional water loss until we can return and retest. We support a healthy environment for our technicians to work in, so as a good rule of thumb—if you wouldn’t swim in it we won’t either!

Major Repairs:

Grout Injection and Stapling

When a pool leak is caused by noticeable cracks in the surface, we will typically patch the cracks with epoxy as a temporary fix, but they should be permanently repaired with grout injection and stapling. The pool needs to be drained in order to make these repairs. Three appointments are needed in order to do so. The first is to drain the pool. The following day the technician will grind out the cement on either side of the cracks, perform the grout injection, and install the Torque-Lock Staples. The next day the staples will be tightened. Once completed, the surface of the pool shell will be patched with the appropriate material. A scar can often times be visible due to dye lot differences and natural fading to the current surface. For a guaranteed seamless repair, the pool will need to be re-surfaced after the stapling and grout injection are completed. There are cracks that do not require the stapling AND grout injection. In these situations only a grout injection is necessary to successfully repair the pool.

Skimmer Replacements

In most instances, leaks in the skimmer are caused by minor, hidden cracks. These cracks can be repaired with a two part, fast drying, underwater epoxy at the time of leak detection and are included in the detection fee. In circumstances where the issues with the skimmer cannot be resolved by patching with epoxy, a skimmer replacement will be required. Some examples of when this would be necessary are as follows:

  • The skimmer is cracked so badly that epoxy cannot fill or adhere to the plastic.
  • The skimmer is separating from the pool wall.
  • A broken pipe is located underneath the skimmer.

In the event that a skimmer replacement is needed, the an estimate will be provided that is based on the type of skimmer you have as well as how difficult it will be to expose and replace. Once scheduled, the process typically takes one day and entails cutting a hole in the deck, disconnecting the broken skimmer from the plumbing, removing the skimmer, and installing the replacement skimmer. Once installed, the lines will be pressure tested again in order to confirm the pipes are soundly reconnected. At that time the hole will be backfilled and concrete will be used to bring it back to level with the deck. As with all major repairs, a two year warranty is provided for parts and labor.

Pool Pipe Repair

In the event that our technician determines that there is a break in either a suction or return line in the pool, you will need to schedule your line repair. A quote for the repair will be provided at the time of leak detection after the location of the leak has been pinpointed. The estimate for repair is based almost solely on the difficulty of exposing the leak and patching the general area once it has been fixed. In order to make the repair a hole will be opened in order to access the broken pipe. The bad section of pipe will be cut out and replaced. Once the pipe is exposed and repaired, we will pressure test the line in to exclude the possibility of any secondary leaks in the system. Once determined that the pipe is leak free and the repair is sound, the technician will fill the hole and bring the pool deck back to level. A two year warranty is included on parts and labor.

When Epoxy Won't Work!

At times we encounter a leak that doesn't necessarily require a major repair, but will need something more suitable than underwater epoxy in order to stop it. Examples of these include plast-aid repairs and hydraulic cement repairs. If this type of repair is needed we will always attempt an epoxy repair first. In the event that the epoxy repair will not cure we will suggest these minor/major repairs at that time and provide an estimate for the additional charge.

There are also some situations where a "good, better, best" approach can be taken in order to save our customers some money and/or bide some time before committing to the ideal and permanent major repair. In these instances we will offer options for repair that are a suitable solution to your leak, with the understanding of reasonable expectations for the length of time that they are expected to last.

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