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Although plumbing leaks are often the cause of a leak problem, leaks can come from many other sources. As the world leader in noninvasive leak detection, we have the expertise and technology to find roof leaks, window leaks, ground water intrusion, faulty tile grout-all sorts of places that can be the source of a water leak. Commercial and municipal property owners obtain insurance to protect their buildings in case of water damage. To file a claim, you will most likely need a cause and origin report. At American Leak Detection™, our skilled service professionals have the skill and experience to create such reports and help you with insurance claims.

Using non-invasive methods and cutting-edge technology, our leak detection specialists accurately locate the leak and determine the cause. We then create a comprehensive report detailing our findings, so you can present this information to your insurance company. With our team on the job, you can rest easy knowing your building will be taken care of.

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At American Leak Detection, we are never satisfied with mediocre service. Our technicians go through the most rigorous training programs in the industry to provide exceptional services. Additionally, we continuously conduct research and refine our practices to streamline our services while advancing our technology.

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Plumbers often claim that they can find leaks. Too often their approach is looking for a leak with a jackhammer. By calling American Leak Detection you can be assured that we will use the most sophisticated technology to locate your leak in a non-invasive manner.


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