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Professional Leak Detection in the Triad

Summer is a time to bask in the warm weather and enjoy an endless amount of fun and relaxing activities. Your days should be spent having barbecues, going hiking, or taking a vacation. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your pool is leaking. The best way to avoid this is to be properly prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you find yourself constantly needing to refill your pool, the experts at American Leak Detection of the Triad can determine the cause of your potential leak.

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What are the Common Signs of a Pool Leak?

While there are many ways to determine if your pool is leaking, there are a few signs that you won’t want to ignore, such as:

  • Frequent changes in the water level
  • Cracks in or around the pool area
  • Wet soil or grass near the pool
  • Evidence of algae or mildew in the pool
  • Water stains
  • Higher water bills

Pool Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of owning a pool. It is important to ensure that your pool is fully functional by keeping it clean and safe. That is why it is essential to regularly check the water, clean the filter, and look for evidence of a leak. Having a leak could be dangerous to your yard and your health. That’s why it is important to constantly be aware of these signs when cleaning and servicing your pool.

Why is my Pool Losing Water?

There are a number of natural factors that contribute to the loss of water in your pool, such as evaporation, humidity, or excess wind. However, if you find that the water levels are dropping rapidly, trust the licensed Winston-Salem pool leak specialists at American Leak Detection of the Triad.

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