Fire Line Leak Detection & Repair

Helping Property Managers Protect Commercial Property

American Leak Detection™ is a nationally trusted leak detection and repair company known for providing quality services to property managers. We use advanced technology and non-invasive detection methods backed by over 40 years of experience. Our dedicated service professionals go through extensive training in one of the most rigorous programs in the industry to provide quality workmanship. We are passionate about helping customers protect their company and preserve their water source.

One main feature we specialize in is fire lines. A fire line refers to the sprinkler system that is connected to the main water distribution source and which goes off in case of a fire. However, to ensure your property is protected, it is important to prevent leaks from occurring.

Some causes for fire line leaks:

  • Corrosion – Over time and through wear and tear, the metal on the piping becomes corroded, making it more susceptible to breaks and cracks.
  • Equipment failure – If the fire lines are not installed appropriately, they are likely to malfunction, with leakage as one of the main concerns.

When it comes to your fire lines, make sure your property is protected. Our skilled leak detection professionals have extensive experience working with water purveyors and understand how to help them. We are up to date with national safety codes to better meet your needs. Additionally, our technicians are passionate about what they do, which is why they come to each project uniformed and fully prepared.

If you notice a leak in your fire line, call our water leak detection specialists
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