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When you want to enjoy your swimming pool or other water feature but find that it’s losing water or noticing other signs of water leaks around your yard, it’s time to call in the professionals at American Leak Detection of South Florida! We specialize in pool leak detection and can help you pinpoint the source of your swimming pool leaks and find a high-quality repair to get your pool back in tip-top shape.

Signs of a Swimming Pool Leak

While some swimming pools are prone to evaporation, noticeable drops of more than 1/4” per day in your water level could mean you have a leak. If you suspect this could be the case, keep a look out for other signs:

  • Damp or soggy spots in the area around the pool
  • Major cracks or gaps in or around the pool’s structure
  • The pool deck or surrounding area is sinking or lifting
  • You’re adding more water than usual to keep full

Regardless of how slow your leak may seem, you’re wasting gallons of water and won’t be able to keep up. Even a pinhole-sized leak can waste up to 970 gallons of water a day. Use our swimming pool water loss calculator to see how much your pool may cost you in the long run!

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Our Professional Leak Services

While you may attempt to find your swimming pool or spa leak on your own, many hidden factors can leave you guessing. That’s why American Leak Detection of South Florida relies on top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to quickly identify even the smallest pool leaks.

We have many years of experience in pool leak detection and can find leaks located:

  • In the pool, hot tub, or spa itself
  • Around the skimmer box
  • The main drains and other lines connected to your pool pump
  • In the plumbing system of your swimming pool

By utilizing a combination of our inspection and leak testing tools, we can quickly identify any leaks your swimming pool may have and provide you with a reliable repair solution.

4 Common Pool Leaks

If you have a pool leak, rest assured that you aren't alone. You may only notice a few signs of a leak but not enough to know what type of leak you're dealing with. Knowing the type of leak is essential in recommending the appropriate course of action.

Below are four common pool leaks we can detect:

  • Pool Pipe Leak. One common type of pool leak is a pipe leak, which occurs in the pipes that filter and supply water to your pool. Aging pipes, ground movement, or poor installation can all cause a pipe leak. Signs of a pool pipe leak include a sudden drop in water level, wet areas around the pool equipment, or an increase in your water bill.
  • Structural Leak. Another type of pool leak is a structural leak, which can occur in the pool shell itself. Cracks or gaps in the pool's surface can lead to water seepage. Over time, these leaks can worsen and cause significant damage to the pool's structure. If you notice cracks, bulges, or sinking areas around your pool, it's essential to address them promptly.
  • Loose Pool Fittings. Fittings that pull away from the pool can result in a significant pool leak. Fittings include skimmer boxes, return jets, and lights. If these fittings become loose or detach from the pool structure, water can seep out around the gaps.
  • Faulty Pool Equipment. Lastly, pool equipment leaks can occur in components such as filters, pumps, or valves. These leaks can be caused by worn-out seals, cracked fittings, or faulty equipment. Unusual noises, visible water leakage near the equipment, or reduced water flow can be signs of equipment leaks.

We use advanced technology and techniques to locate and repair pool leaks. Trust us to help you identify the specific type of leak affecting your pool. We'll provide you with reliable solutions to get your pool back to its pristine condition.

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How Do You Detect a Pool Leak?

When it comes to pool leak detection, we use various tests to identify and locate the source of the leak. We use advanced and non-invasive techniques to ensure efficient and precise results.

Below are four common ways we detect pool leaks:

  • Electronic Leak Detection. We'll use equipment to detect leaks by listening for sounds produced by escaping water. We'll place highly sensitive microphones near potential leak points, such as plumbing lines or fittings.
  • Pressure Testing. Another method is pressure testing, where the plumbing lines of the pool are pressurized to check for drops in pressure, indicating a leak. This method helps identify leaks in the pool's plumbing system.
  • Thermal Imaging. Thermal imaging is another effective technique used in pool leak detection. We'll use infrared cameras to detect temperature differentials. This method is particularly useful for identifying leaks in the pool's shell or areas where water has accumulated.
  • Dye Testing. Dye testing is a simple yet effective method where a special dye is introduced into the water to trace its movement. By observing the flow of the dye, technicians can pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

These are cost-effective and non-intrusive pool leak detection methods. We know pool leaks are stressful but we'll use quick and effective methods to find the leak.

The Dangers of a Pool Leak

Pools are a refreshing way to cool off in the hot summer months, but a pool leak can turn fun into a major problem in a matter of hours. Here are some of the dangers associated with a pool leak:

  • A pool leak can cause water to seep into the ground underneath your pool, causing shifting soil that can lead to structural and landscape damage.
  • Once your pool starts to leak, the constant water loss can cause damage to the pool's interior lining and structure.
  • Leaking pools waste thousands of gallons of water every month, which can add to your utility bill’s cost when you're trying to use your pool.

The sooner you can find and repair your swimming pool leak, the better! Quick action is necessary to avoid these problems and more.

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