Leak Survey Services in West Palm Beach

This service line provides leak detection services for municipalities or communities for the main water service lines. The leak survey will begin at one end of the subject pipeline and will proceed section by section until it is completed. Leak surveys are completed in three Phases: (1) we “listen” to the entire pipeline, (2) return to the identified problem areas to locate the leak(s), and (3) report on results. These three Phases are further described below:

  • Phase I-Sounding Survey: In this phase, a sounding survey is done to allow a technician to listen for leaks at contact points on the system. This process helps the technician to determine general areas where the probable leaks are located. Our West Palm Beach leak survey team will use the main line valves as the initial contact points. If these main line valves are separated by a considerable distance, it may be necessary to create additional access points. In order to create these access points, it may be necessary to excavate and expose the top of the pipeline.
  • Phase II-Return to the identified problem areas: In this phase, the general areas that have been identified in the Phase I Sounding Survey will be revisited in order to identify the location of any leak(s). Phase II may include our traditional leak detection equipment or a correlator. Should we need to use our traditional leak detection equipment, we would induce a low pressure of nitrogen into the pipeline. The nitrogen would combine with the water and escape from the leak, increasing the sound at the leak location. Should a correlator be necessary, our Palm Beach leak survey pros would place highly sensitive accelerometers and preamplifiers at each of two access points where the sound of a leak has been identified. The sound data that is monitored by these units is relayed by radio to a correlator. The microprocessor in the correlator then analyzes this data, and based on relevant pipe information between the two access points, the system computes the position of the leak.
  • Phase III-Report on results: Upon completion of the above phases, we will generate an observation report that will provide an estimation of leak location(s). This report is typically used to prioritize repair efforts.

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