Cause & Origin Experts in the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast

Cause & Origin Experts in the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast

Getting to the Bottom of Mysterious Leaks

Some leaks are obvious – a burst pipe, for example. Other leaks are harder to pinpoint. The mysterious stain on your ceiling could the result of either a pinhole in a water line or a leaking roof. That sudden wet spot on the floor might be from a leaking appliance or intrusive groundwater. It’s hard to say for sure. That’s where American Leak Detection of The Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast comes in. With advanced technology and proven methods, we’ll determine the ‘why’ behind the water.

At American Leak Detection, we don’t want you to pay out of pocket to repair extensive water damage. After all, that’s why you have homeowner’s insurance. Our cause and origin detections provide accurate leak assessments so that you can give your insurer a detailed report. Without it, your provider could deny your claim.

Cause & Origin FAQ

We understand that dealing with a leak is stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we want to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about your property. Here are answers to our customers’ most pressing questions.

What’s the Difference Between Leak Detectors and Plumbers?

Many plumbers offer leak detection, but their services are limited to plumbing. While your home’s water lines and drains can be a source of leaks, water can come from many other places: your roof, the ground, appliances, windows and more. When we conduct a leak assessment, we inspect every possible cause. That includes your plumbing and your home’s structural integrity.

Is Leak Detection Disruptive?

Not at all. Our minimally invasive technology locates leaks underground, behind walls, above ceilings, and deep inside pipes without making any structural changes to your home. This is important because you don’t want a contractor jackhammering your floor unless you’re absolutely certain that’s where the leak is coming from.

What Other Types of Leaks Can You Find?

Of course, water is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a leak, but the technicians at American Leak Detection of The Palms & Treasure Coast are trained to find other types of leaks as well. We accurately detect gas leaks and sewer odors as well as recommend solutions to prevent further damage.

Why Do Customers Trust You?

American Leak Detection of The Palms & Treasure Coast is proud to be a part of a nationwide brand that has more than 40 years of experience finding and fixing leaks. Our location benefits from American Leak Detection’s comprehensive training and industry-leading technology so that we can provide the very best service to you, the customer. Our top priority is to find and fix leaks fast!

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