Swimming Pool Leaks

Residential and COMMERCIAL Swimming Pool, Spa, and Fountain Leak Detection and Repair serving Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties, Florida

We have extensive experience in finding leaks in residential and commercial water features (i.e. pools, spas and fountains). For simplicity, we will refer to all water features as pools. Pool leaks can be costly due to property damage and increased utilities expense. Unfortunately, correcting the problem can also be expensive, especially when the solution includes "hit and miss" searching and/or replacement when a repair would solve the problem.

Do you have to constantly add water to your pool? If so you probably have a leak. If you are not sure, there is a test you can do to determine for sure whether you have a leak. (Click here for the bucket test.)

Once you know that you have a leak, we are the company to call. Locally we have been in business since 1988 and we have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to get your problem solved.

There are some issues that need to be addressed before we can solve your problem:

  • The pool will need to be full, clean and clear.
  • We will need to know the features of the pool. If it is a residential pool is there a spa, a waterfall, a fountain or a valet/caretaker system? If it is a commercial pool how many gutter plates does the pool have and how many gallons?

Additionally, it is helpful to know how much your pool is losing. Fill the pool to the normal operating level (make a mark or put a piece of tape at that level). Then measure it one day later. If you pool drops ¼” or less, you do not have a leak. If it drops more than ¼” you do have a leak and you should call us with that information regarding water loss.

Pools can only leak from one of two places. Either the plumbing (those are the PVC lines underground going to and from the pool), or the structure. If the leak is in the plumbing, the way that we find the leak is by inducing pressurized air into the plumbing lines. If the plumbing lines hold pressure, that’s good news. That means that there is no leak in your plumbing lines. If the plumbing loses pressure that means that there is a leak in your plumbing in which case we will then use our electromagnetic equipment to locate the leak. As the pressurized air escapes from the leak, it will make a sound that we can hear with this electromagnetic equipment. That way, we can located the leak by sound, preventing destruction to you deck. In addition to checking the plumbing lines, we also check the structure. We get in the pool to check the main drain, lights, skimmer throat, return fittings, tile line, and all the areas that typically develop structural leaks.

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