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Did you know that elusive water leaks can unknowingly cause serious damage to your property and health? This means you’ll need the best workmanship to effectively rectify the problem. Luckily, the technicians at American Leak Detection of Indianapolis complete rigorous training programs and continually adapt to the latest technology and industry expertise to provide the superior services your home and family deserve.

slab leak detection With American Leak Detection of Indianapolis

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experts dedicated to leak detection and repair, you’re in the best hands for understanding the nuances of home plumbing systems. We’ll walk you through the options at hand, making recommendations that provide you with choices based on your unique situation.

Backed by a national brand with over 40 years of industry experience, we’ve got the resources at our disposal to offer industry-leading technology and extensive expertise. Our non-invasive approach has been innovative in identifying slab leaks early and reducing damages that devalue your property.

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When you call our local Indianapolis experts, you’ll find:

  • Reliable, trustworthy technicians
  • Transparent pricing upfront
  • Highest quality tools and technology
  • Explanations of services and issues we uncover
  • Non-invasive assistance that won’t destroy your property

Signs You May Have a Hidden Slab Leak

Your home is not the place to take guesses – if you think there’s a leak, addressing it quickly can save you precious time and money. Ignoring the signs will not only waste your water but can potentially undermine the foundation of your home. Untreated leaks can cause unnecessary costs and structural damage along with various health issues.

Typically, you’ll find that the leak is hidden within the hot or cold-water lines within the slab beneath your home. While calling a plumber may seem like the appropriate response, we’ve seen it happen time and time again that plumbers guess where they think a leak is located. Or they’ll push sales for pricey replacements in a situation that only requires repair. Take the guesswork out by calling American Leak Detection of Indianapolis. We’ll track the plumbing lines, pressure testing them to determine if a leak is present. If there is a leak, infrared leak detection allows us to locate it, mark it, and establish a solution.

Signs that indicate potential slab leaks:

  • Your water bill is steadily increasing without your actual water usage going up
  • Wet spots are appearing on your walls or flooring
  • You can hear water running somewhere, even when no water is being used
  • Cracks are appearing in the foundation, or you’ve found mildew growing unexpectedly

Call for Expert Slab Leak Detection Near YOu

Have you ever buried a time capsule for someone to find years later? Gathering up meaningful or fun items, placing everything into a little metal box, and hiding it under the dirt until it’s found by the next person can be a fun adventure until you realize you left out an important piece of the capsule. If this were the case, would you start digging random holes all over the yard as if searching for a mole in a classic movie? Or would you grab your metal detector and pinpoint the exact location before tearing into the ground?

If you picked the second option, we agree! At American Leak Detection of Indianapolis, we can isolate the area of the leak without using costly and inefficient “search and destroy” methods.

Feel confident calling the most highly trained technicians from the world leader in non-invasive plumbing slab leak detection – we’ve got you covered. Trust American Leak Detection of Indianapolis for our tried-and-true Leak Detection without Destruction™.

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