Leak Detection For Pools, Spas & Fountains in Indianapolis, IN

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Having pools, spas, and fountains in your Indianapolis home adds a personal touch. You can swim for exercise or relax in the spa, and our leak detection specialists can help you enjoy these amenities without any issues. Since these structures contain a large amount of water, leaks can be hard to detect until significant damage has already occurred. Our team of experts is highly trained and uses advanced technology and non-intrusive methods to locate leaks and ensure your comfort.

Signs you have a leak in your water features:

  • Pool, spa, or fountain loses more water than regular evaporation
  • You see cracks on the side of the structure
  • Equipment loses prime
  • The water feature is old or outdated
  • You add water to the unit more than once a week
  • Pool leaks can be costly because they often go undetected and compromise the structure. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to locate and address any leaks that might be present in the structure or cracked plumbing.

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At American Leak Detection of Indianapolis, we are committed to you, the customer. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Our leak detection services for residential water features is backed by over 40 years of experience.

If you rely on our team of leak detection experts, rest assured that you'll receive the utmost care and respect. Unlike other companies that often make assumptions while locating leaks, we utilize advanced technology and innovative techniques to accurately pinpoint the issue and provide long-lasting solutions. solutions. solutions. solutions.

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