Pool Leak Repair in Indianapolis

Preserving Your Property’s Pool and Water Features near you

Do you have a pool or water feature at your property and you’re concerned they may have leaks? You shouldn’t have to worry about potential flooding in your yard, deck, or patio. At American Leak Detection of Indianapolis we can help preserve your pool. We offer affordable pool leak repair in Indianapolis. Our goal is to ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy your pool all year long.

Our highly qualified leak repair technicians understand that no two pools are alike. Therefore, we will always offer customized pool leak repair services. You can expect affordable repairs when you work with us. This is based on the information you’ve provided and our own thorough assessment. We make your pool or water feature a priority and repair the issues immediately. This is regardless of where the leak is located, in suction lines, pool pumps, or filters.

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Reasons You Have Pool Leaks

Your pool has been well-loved and used by you and your family to enjoy time together. As a result, you could have unseen leaks impeding your fun. Unfortunately, constant usage isn’t the only reason your pool or other water feature may begin to leak.

Some of the reasons you have pool leaks include:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • The wrong chemicals used
  • Deterioration over time
  • Inclement weather/storm damage

When you have a leak, the good times can’t continue until the issue is addressed. Our highly trained and certified pool leak repair company will first arrive at your home. They then evaluate the situation, and present affordable solutions.

Commonly Asked Questions About Leak Repair

How long will pool leak repair take?

Our Indianapolis leak repair specialists work quickly to fix any leaks we find. Usually, leak repair can take a few hours. We come prepared with the equipment and products necessary to make your concerns a thing of the past. However, if there’s a significant problem that requires more intervention, we’ll discuss the timeline with you. You’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your pool leak repair service.

Is leak repair expensive?

The cost of your leak repair can fluctuate. If we’re completing a simple repair, the price may come to a couple of hundred dollars. Your repair may be more expensive if the issue is more significant and requires further investigation. Your repair could potentially be covered by your insurance, depending on the cause of the leak. We are always available via phone at (877) 629-2058 to answer your pricing questions.

How can I tell if my pool is leaking?

There are several ways to tell if your pool is leaking, including:

  • Excessive debris in your pool
  • Difficulty maintaining pump prime
  • Abnormally high water bill
  • Disproportionate algae growth
  • Visual signs of cracks in your pool’s surface
  • Flooded lawn and pooling water around your property

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