Stop mold from spreading with leak detection repair

Stop mold from spreading with leak detection repair

Stop mold from spreading with leak detection repair

It’s common knowledge mold is dangerous to one’s health, as its presence could prompt allergic reactions and pose a hazard to people with compromised immune systems. But it is hard to get rid of mold if homeowners cannot see it. When trying to find mold, owners should assess potential problem areas in their home, including potential signs of water damage and plumbing leaks. Here are tips for finding and preventing mold in unwanted areas:

Dry areas before mold grows
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises residents to respond immediately to water leaks or spills. Since mold thrives on moisture, leaks can lead to a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The EPA recommends drying these wet or damp areas within a 24-48 hours to prevent mold from growing.

Stop excess humidity
Humidity is also a leading cause of mold. Keep indoor humidity to a minimum, or below 60 percent. Measure humidity using a moisture or humidity meter, which are available in hardware stores.

Increase ventilation
The bathroom is especially susceptible to mold growth because of its exposure to moisture and in some cases, not having direct contact with sunlight. Ventilation helps to reduce mold and improving air flow by turning on fans will prevent moisture from collecting. Turn on the bathroom’s exhaust fan or open windows after showering to reduce moisture.

Evaluate home for mold problem areas
In its mold guide, the EPA said mold can lurk in unseen places such as the backside of wallpaper or the underside of paneling. It can also be found in areas where leaks can occur, including around pipes in the walls. Look for signs of water damage for possible signs of mold. For example, water stains on the ceiling underneath bathrooms or damp carpets may indicate undetected mold.

Hire leak detection professionals
Hidden leaks are one of the main reasons for mold growth, causing water damage and allowing mold to creep into areas without homeowners knowing. Since mold removal can be a time-consuming and expensive problem, owners can proactively stop wasting money by preventing leaks and mold before they happen when consulting with experts. Leak detection services are able to find leaks before they cause mold-related health problems inside homes.

Report leaks and other issues when renting
If building residents are renting their home, they are recommended to report plumbing leaks and other moisture issues to the appropriate manager or superintendent.