5 tips for Californians to conserve water and save money

5 tips for Californians to conserve water and save money

5 tips for Californians to conserve water and save money

The California drought has many of the state’s residents thinking about ways to conserve water through the urgent times, but what some people don’t know is that water conservation could save them money on their water bills in the long run.

By following a few simple tips, residents can reduce their water usage and lower monthly bills, which is beneficial to their pocket book and the environment.

Here are five tips for residents to save water and money through the drought:

1. Inspect sprinkler systems for leaks
Many Californians have sprinkler systems installed to help keep their grass green, but a few leaks in the water system could end up costing a lot of green. According to ABC affiliate KABC, residents should check their sprinkler system for leaks because they could save nearly 500 gallons of water per month by making sure the system isn’t losing water.

Smart sprinkler controllers allow residents to choose the amount of water used on their lawn and they can also adjust to the weather, amount of shade, soil type and even plant type, reported KABC.

2. Limit toilet flushes
The simple rule of “if it’s yellow, let it mellow and if it’s brown, flush it down” can go a long way in water conversation and save several gallons a month by reducing flushes, reported The San Francisco Chronicle.

According to nationwide figures by water engineering firm Aquacraft, the average person flushes a toilet 5.5 times a day and standard toilets use 2.6 gallons for each flush, reported The San Francisco Chronicle. The results come out to about 33 gallons of water flushed down for a standard California home each day, which equals around 414 million gallons a day for the entire state.

3. Check entire house for leaks
California residents have to stay vigilant with checking for water leaks. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, of the 300 gallons of water used in a typical home each day, around 55 percent flows outside. By using leak detection services, professionals can check water infrastructures and prevent leaky pipes.

4. Use full loads for washing devices
Whether it’s a washing machine or dish washer, residents should only run full loads to conserve water, but also to save money on electric bills. According to KABC, residents could save 50 gallons a week by sticking to full loads only.

5. Reduce shower times
Limiting showers to only five minutes can save at least eight gallons of water each time, reported KABC. Setting timers in the bathroom can help residents keep track of their shower length and