Residential Plumbing Leak Detection in Louisville

Protect Your Property Against Water Damage, Mold Growth, & More

Whether your home’s foundation has become saturated with water or your water bill is climbing, a plumbing leak in or around your home is never anybody’s idea of a good time. Things become especially challenging when the leak is hard to locate. That’s where American Leak Detection of Louisville comes in!

We most commonly find plumbing leaks in or around:

  • Interior walls
  • Near HVAC unit
  • Under home’s foundation
  • Beneath the slab
  • Service line
  • Floor heating
  • Basement plumbing
  • Crawl spaces

Our team is here to help you find your home’s plumbing leak as soon as possible. Locating a leak quickly is crucial in avoiding mold and mildew growth, foundational damage, and various structural problems. Relying on over 40 years of national experience backing our team, our locally owned and operated leak detection company in Louisville is here to help with proven processes and state-of-the-art tools.

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Signs of a Leak

Are you worried about a potential plumbing problem in your house?

Look out for these signs of a leak:

  • Unusual sounds - Do you hear water running even when no water is being used?
  • Mildew - Is mildew appearing in unexpected places?
  • Rising water bill - Have you noticed an increase in your water bill without actually using more water?
  • Cracks forming in walls or flooring - Are there cracks forming in your walls or flooring?
  • Unexpected wet spots or hot spots - Are there any wet spots, discolored spots, or hot spots on your floor or walls that appeared unexpectedly?
  • Changes to water meter/pump - Your water meter or pump can help to determine if you have a leak. If you have a meter, wait an hour and check the meter again. If it has changed, then it could mean that you have a leak. With well pumps, listen to make sure the pump isn't running when no water is being used. If it is, then it could be indicative of a leaky pipe.

How Do You Detect Plumbing Leaks?

There are several ways our Louisville leak detection plumbers detect leaks in your plumbing system. Here are our most common methods:

  • Visual Inspection: This involves a thorough examination of your property for signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold growth, and damp patches.
  • Pressure Testing: Plumbers can utilize pressure tests to identify a drop in water pressure, which may indicate a leak.
  • Listening Devices: Specialized listening tools can pinpoint the sound of escaping water, even if it's hidden underground or within walls.
  • Infrared Cameras: These cameras detect temperature variations caused by leaks within your plumbing system.
  • Smoke Testing: Smoke is occasionally used to pinpoint the location of a leak by pumping it into the pipes.
  • Video Inspection: For hard-to-find leaks, a small camera can be inserted into the pipes to provide a visual inspection.

What Are Plumbing Leak Detection Services?

As soon as a leak is suspected, please pick up the phone and call our team. We’ll set up a time to meet with you in your home, arriving with the necessary leak detection equipment needed to quickly locate the precise point of your leak, regardless of if it’s a giant slab leak or a small wall leak. Our non-invasive leak detection methods can find even the deepest or most hidden leaks, all without tearing up your beautiful lawn or destroying your home’s walls.

Homeowners love our leak detection services because they are:

  • Accurate – Due to the tools we use, decades of combined experience, and the time we spend with each customer, we’re able to ensure accuracy when locating the leak.
  • Convenient – Our leak detection services are effortless to schedule and non-invasive, making it a true win-win scenario. Leaks are stressful, but our team can make things a bit easier.
  • Cost-Effective – With our services, you won’t have to spend time and money repairing your landscaping from traditional dig methods, plus our quick detection can reduce the amount of damage your property experiences.

Regardless of the cause, size, or location of your plumbing leak, we offer comprehensive residential leak detection services to address a range of concerns with high-quality work and superior customer service at the heart. From our upfront pricing to customer satisfaction guarantee, there’s no wonder why American Leak Detection of Louisville is chosen time and time again for help detecting the cause and origin of all types of residential water leaks.

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