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Chuck Hodges

Owner / Leak Specialist
Joined ALD in 1995

Chuck Hodges founded American Leak Detection of Central Oklahoma in 1995 after working as an accountant at a bank for seven years. The Oklahoma State University grad and master plumber has been successfully finding and fixing leaks almost every day since. Now his American Leak Detection franchise has a fleet of three trucks and a staff of seven with over 60 years of combined experience to assess and resolve your leak situation.

Eric Hanke

Leak Specialist
Joined ALD in 1997

Eric Hanke joined us in 1997 after he graduated from OSU with a Master's in Soil Science. Over the years, Eric has become the Sewer Guru at American Leak Detection of Central Oklahoma and is often commended for detecting leaks that no one else has been able to find. His tenacity, outstanding problem solving skills, and years of expertise make Eric the best in the business.

Jarrod Baughman

Leak Specialist Assistant
Joined ALD in 2005

Jarrod joined our team in 2005 as a helper and has developed the skills to work on fresh water slab leaks, drain line problems, service line leaks, and pools. He is thorough, reliable, and exacting, so we are very excited that Jarrod is currently preparing to take the test to become a journeyman plumber so that he can move into a Leak Specialist position.

Lynn Rostochil

Office Manager
Joined ALD in 2001

Lynne is the office manager for all other types of leaks -- fresh water, drain line, shower issues, etc. She joined the company in 2001 and can help you determine the best plan of action for your particular situation.

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