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Nothing can quite ruin your swimming pool like a leak – especially one you can't locate. Not only can it drain your pool's water rather quickly, wasting hundreds of gallons of water, but leaks can also cause extensive damage to your pool, plumbing, and more if left unchecked.

If you suspect that your pool may have a leak, turn to American Leak Detection of Dallas for help! Our company inspects pools, spas, and fountains for leaks and delivers the high-quality repairs needed to prevent further damage and unnecessary expenses.

Signs That Your Swimming Pool is Leaking

If your pool's water level descends, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have a leak on your hands. Pool owners should understand the common warning signs of swimming pool leaks to know when it's time to request professional inspection services.

Call American Leak Detection of Dallas at the first sign of:

Drastic Changes in Water Level

On average, around two inches of water a week will naturally disappear from your swimming pool due to evaporation. The exact rate of evaporation depends on a wide range of factors, including the wind, air, and water temperature, humidity, cloud coverage, and amount of direct sunlight exposure.

While pools will evaporate over time, dramatic water loss will indicate a leak may be present. Professional pool inspection and leak detection should be done as soon as possible to reduce water loss if you notice your pool losing more than 1/4 of an inch of water a day.

Visible Spots of Damage

While flaking pool plaster or tile damage are often written off as minor cosmetic damage, the problem may be causing water to leak from your pool. These areas of damage must be inspected and repaired quickly to prevent future problems for your pool.

Even the smallest pinhole can cause trouble, but fortunately, the majority of cracks around the pool can be repaired before major damage occurs.

Unexplained Puddles Around Equipment

Have you noticed puddles around your pool equipment or corrosion on your pool's plumbing? Any amount of standing water or unexplained spikes in water bills could indicate a major leak in your system. An inspection should be done to locate the leak and repair it to ensure your pool continues to work properly.

Grass Around the Pool is Soggy

Any soft, spongey, or wet areas around the pool and in your yard may indicate a swimming pool leak. You may even notice uneven grass growing in places it hasn't grown before and in uneven splotches around your property. If underground leaks are left unchecked, erosion may occur, causing your plumbing to shift, resulting in even more repairs.

Dirt or Debris on the Bottom of Your Pool

If you notice any debris hanging out at the bottom of your pool despite your regular pool cleaning schedule, dirt, rocks, soil, and more may be getting blown back into your pool due to a leak in your plumbing. Have your pool and equipment inspected as soon as possible to avoid water damage as soon as the problem arises.

How Can I Tell Where My Pool is Leaking?

There are a few ways you can try to pinpoint your pool leak. However, don’t get discouraged if you’re unable to find the source–There’s a reason companies like us utilize multiple methods.

  1. Visual Inspection - A visual inspection is useful for your pool equipment, otherwise it’s pretty difficult around your pool’s perimeter. Watch for puddling water underneath the pump or other pieces of equipment.

  2. Check For Soggy Areas - If you put your foot down on a patch of grass and it feels muddy, there may be a leak close by.

  3. Check for Cracks - Both fiberglass and concrete pools are prone to cracking.

Solve Swimming Pool Leaks with Our Detection & Repair Services

Detecting pool leaks can be time-consuming and complex, but not with the help of American Leak Detection of Dallas. With our team's professional insight and trusted systems, you'll be able to get to the underlying issues of your home's pool, spa, or fountain leaks.

Homeowners turn to American Leak Detection of Dallas because:

  • We're locally owned and operated in Texas and backed by a national leader in leak detection
  • We rely on advanced tools and technology to locate your leak as quickly as possible
  • We've already successfully served 400+ residents in the immediate and nearby areas
  • We provide cost-effective solutions that are accurate, non-invasive, and always comprehensive

Don't let your pool leak stress you out. Just give us a call for help! When you hire our team for help, you not only secure the leak detection and repair services you need to restore your home's oasis, but also the peace of mind you deserve from knowing your pool is in our team's hands. We serve homeowners throughout Dallas, Plano, and all surrounding areas.

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