Residential Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, TX

Advanced Camera Leak Detection for Residential Sewer Lines

At American Leak Detection™, we harness state-of-the-art technology to deliver effective, non-invasive sewer line inspection services in Dallas. Since our founding in 1974, our groundbreaking approaches have been providing lasting solutions without the disruption typical of traditional leak detection methods. Among our most popular services is sewer camera inspection. This technique involves lowering a camera into the pipeline to detect any signs of leaks.

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Common indicators of a sewer leak include:

  • Foul sewer odor - Normally, water in drain traps or vents prevents sewer odors from becoming noticeable. However, if the water evaporates in an unused sink or bathtub, the sewer smells can rise up the drain into the building. Additionally, improperly installed or damaged vent pipes can allow exterior air pressure to push sewer odors into your property.
  • Lush lawn patches - A compromised sewer lateral could be discharging water and waste into your yard. The excess moisture and nutrients absorbed by the soil can result in noticeably greener and faster-growing vegetation in the affected area.
  • Sewer line blockage - Obstructions in sewer lines can occur due to root intrusion, debris, grease build-up, or a pipe collapse.

Video inspections of pipelines can identify issues such as:

  • Root infiltration
  • Debris obstructions
  • Sagging drain lines
  • Leaking joints
  • Cracked sewer laterals
  • Disjointed lateral connections
  • Degraded pipe materials

Our sewer camera inspection technology enables us to locate the precise source and location of a leak, minimizing repair costs. With the comprehensive reports we generate, you'll have all the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions about your sewer system. Whether you're experiencing any of the above signs or simply want to ensure your sewer system is in good health, contact us for dependable and efficient residential sewer line inspection services in Dallas. The team at American Leak Detection of Dallas is committed to delivering premium service and helping you maintain a healthy and operational sewer system.

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