Cape Coral Leak Detection

Why choose our leak detection pros?

At your home or commercial space, we know you’ve worked hard to make it inviting and comfortable for anyone who sets foot on your property. This includes investing in an outdoor water feature to create a more luxurious aesthetic. However, pools, fountains, and spas require maintenance you may not have time to complete regularly, leading to serious issues like leaks. Fortunately, American Leak Detection of Southwest Florida can provide precise leak detection services that are available for homes and businesses in Cape Coral.

When hidden leaks threaten the tranquility of your commercial space or residence, you must have a professional on your side to perform complicated repairs. Our leak detection process involves thorough evaluations using state-of-the-art equipment and years of knowledge.

We’re the Cape Coral community’s go-to leak detection company because:

  • We take our time to assess your leak and never cut corners to expedite the process.
  • We listen to your needs and execute a proactive plan immediately.
  • We only hire the most qualified and highly trained leak detection professionals.
  • We offer detailed reports to help you understand our findings.
  • We use non-invasive techniques to reduce soil interruption.

Call (941) 803-1391 or request an appointment online when you need exceptional leak detection and repair services in Cape Coral.

Comprehensive Residential Leak Detection Solutions

Have you noticed lower-than-normal pool water levels or puddles of water around your fountain? These could be signs of a leak, and our reliable leak detection experts are happy to assist you. Not only do we offer leak discovery solutions, but we also provide comprehensive leak and repair services to keep your home or commercial space functioning at peak efficiency.

Other robust detection offerings we deliver include:

  • Slab Leak Detection – If you hear water running under your floors or smell unidentified foul odors in your home, you may need slab leak detection services as soon as possible.
  • Sewer Odor Detection – Sewers tend to smell because of harmful bacteria, but odors are usually contained. When odors enter your home, they could indicate underlying issues. We use this sign to locate other potential and significant issues.
  • Sewer Leak Detection – Our team can perform sewer leak tests to uncover and address plumbing problems that threaten the health and safety of your loved ones.
  • Leak Repair – While we’re known for detecting leaks in your sewer, under slabs, and around water features, we are also qualified to repair leaks. Using advanced equipment, you’ll get leak repair results that will leave you completely satisfied.
  • Sewer Repair - Our expert sewer repair services utilize advanced techniques and equipment to address leaks, blockages, and structural issues within sewer lines, ensuring optimal functionality and preventing costly damages.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection - Our visual assessments of sewer lines identify issues such as leaks, root intrusion, and blockages with precision to enable efficient repairs and maintenance.

Leak Locator Services

We don’t recommend repairing or evaluating complex leaks alone, as you may cause further issues and cost yourself money fixing mistakes. Our leak detection specialists in Cape Coral are committed to providing exceptional customer service, viable options, and a stress-free experience.

Are you worried about leaks? Don’t wait for them to get worse. Call us at (941) 803-1391 or request an appointment online to get the affordable services you deserve.

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