Pool Leak Repair in Fort Myers

When the days are nice and warm, the last thing you should worry about is a pool leak ruining the afternoon. Your pool is an investment – one to enjoy whenever possible. At American Leak Detection of Southwest Florida, we take care to inspect all areas of the pool. We determine if there is a leak and where the source is to provide a thorough treatment plan. Our professionals also handle spa and fountain leak detection and repair.

In some cases, what some think is a leak turns out to be environmental, as happens with water evaporation.

These signs indicate a potential leak that you should call our experts for:

  • You’re losing more than ¼ inch of water per day
  • You’re noticing cracks in the pool decking
  • Your grass is becoming soggy around the pool
  • You’re finding a shift in the pool deck – sinking or lifting
  • You’re adding water into the pool more than once per day

If you’re unsure who to turn to, please look through our customer reviews. Members of the community share their experiences with our pool leak repair services. Our non-invasive approach, transparent pricing, and industry expertise are commendable. We carry a commitment to provide peace of mind with every customer project.

We hold the proper licensing and insurance, along with years of experience. This allows our technicians to properly handle pool leak repair for a variety of pool types.

Causes of Concrete Pool Leaks

A Concrete pool is built to last a long time. Maintaining your pool and giving it proper care can ensure that it will. Even by doing the right things, there are still three major leaks that impact concrete pools:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Fitting leaks
  • Structural leaks

LeakVue™ Services for Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Our highly advanced device, LeakVue™, is a patented system that evaluates water loss in 15 minutes. This savse you time and money on services. It also provides a more accurate diagnosis of changes in the water level. Using a laser sensor, the system internalizes information about the water’s surface before sending the findings. Then, it creates a graph of the water level changes. We will then evaluate the graph to better understand what the circumstance is. Finally, we offer you viable solution options.

Have questions about our leak detection services or pool leak repair process in Fort Myers? Give our friendly team a call at (941) 803-1391.

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