Leak Detection Services in Naples

Protecting Pools, Fountains, and Spas from Leaks

You put a lot of time and effort into your water feature, so it deserves regular attention to ensure there are no leaks or other issues. Our team at American Leak Detection of Southwest Florida inspects pools, spas, fountains, and other water features thoroughly. We take the time to perform various leak detection tests and evaluations in Naples that help us find the exact problem and repair it promptly.

You can trust our highly trained and experienced professionals to pay close attention to the leak itself and the surrounding area. Environmental issues can play a significant role in potential leaks; however, there are several reasons why your pool or fountain may have a leak.

Some reasons why your water feature is leaking could include:

  • Tree roots – Large trees in your yard have ever-expanding roots that are constantly seeking water sources. If tree roots break through your pool walls, you could have an unknown leak just under the surface.
  • Ground settling – In many areas in Naples, the ground tends to settle after torrential rain. This can cause your soil to shift, uneven ground, and cracks in fountains, spas, and pools, leading to severe leaks that need to be addressed immediately.
  • Inefficient pool equipment – Aging or broken pool equipment won’t work as efficiently as it used to and could cause chemical imbalances that lead to minor and significant leaks. Malfunctioning pool pumps are a common cause of leaks.
  • Chemical imbalance – To keep your pool and other water features cleaned properly, you must balance the pH and other chemicals. When you have a chemical imbalance, it can aid in damaging pool equipment, allowing cracks to form.
  • Loose fittings and accessories – Loose hardware and accessories on your pool can cause potential leaks. Fortunately, these types of issues can be easily fixed and avoided in the future with regular maintenance.

Preparing for Our Comprehensive Leak Detection Service

Detecting and repairing leaks isn’t a simple endeavor, but it is one that we’re qualified to complete accurately for you. Once you contact our certified and licensed leak detection pros in Naples, we’ll be there to support you as soon as we can. And while you’re waiting for our arrival, you can do a few things to help prepare your pool or other water feature for leak detection service.

Preparing for our service can include:

  • Ensuring you have leaks – It’s crucial to ensure you actually have a pool leak before you call us.
  • Counting the number of leaks – We can anticipate the amount of work required if we know the number of leaks your pool has before we arrive.
  • Cleaning up your pool – A dirty pool makes it difficult to detect leaks accurately, so we must address any leaks via a clean and clear pool.
  • Keeping pets inside – We love pets! However, all animals should be kept away from work areas to ensure their and our technicians’ safety.

To request your leak detection service in Naples today, call (941) 803-1391 or schedule your appointment online.

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